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Sioux Corporation introduces its Drill Pipe Enviro-Cleaner (DPEC). This system uses steam to clean drill pipe, cables, and downhole tools instantly and effectively. Users will avoid costly fines because the mud and oil removed from the drill pipe falls back into the well, preventing contamination of the soil. The DPEC will save time, labour and expense to transport pipe to other locations for cleaning; the drill pipe can be inspected on site because all contaminants will have been removed.

The DPEC also offers safety benefits by eliminating handling pipe that is covered in mud and oil reducing potential lost time injuries.
Sioux’s patent-pending drill pipe cleaning process consists of a steam cleaner and a steam collar with multiple nozzles that mounts on the wellhead. The DPEC system provides hot pressurized water to the collar, which is mounted in-line between the blow-out preventer and the rotary table. The unit produces 320 degrees F (160 degrees C) pressurized water at 250 PSI (17.2 BAR) prior to exiting the collar nozzles.

At the collar nozzles, the water flashes to steam for exceptional cleaning power. As the drill pipe is removed from the well, it passes through the collar, where it is instantly cleaned.

Depending on location of the collar, all contaminants either fall back into the well or are recovered by the flow line and returned to the mud tank.

Company Info

  • Sioux Corporation

    One Sioux Plaza
    Beresford , SD

    The preferred manufacturer of application-specific pressure washers and steam cleaners for the oil industry in over 70 countries for the most severe conditions. Units are third party certified to UL & CSA safety standards with a rugged, conservative design. Explosion-proof models are available for hazardous classified environments. Sioux specializes in custom engineering capabilities for challenging applications. Sioux also offers steam generators and fluid heaters for thawing wellheads, pipes, and valves.  Made in the USA. Reliability since 1939!

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