Flow meter aids on WAG sites

Water-Alternating-Gas (WAG) Injection is an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technique that helps recover the oil in a mature reservoir, which has been in production for many years. This technique makes it is possible to recover significantly more oil by alternately injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) gas with water.

In a typical WAG system, the V-Cone Flow Meter is installed as a master meter at the CO2 source with stainless steel piping split run to as many as 16 injection wells.

Even with 16 pipe runs, the V-Cone master meter maintains excellent accuracy when the volumes of the16 pipe runs are added together. The meter itself also requires virtually no maintenance – only a simple calibration check of the transmitter.

Engineers in the oil and gas industry rely on the V-Cone Flow Meter to remain accurate in the toughest applications. Its low-maintenance, no-moving-parts design is proven to remain accurate for 25 or more years, according to its manufacturer, and all but eliminates the need to shut down production for calibrations, inspections or regular primary element replacement.

With built-in flow conditioning, the V-Cone Flow Meter features advanced differential pressure (dP) technology to nearly eliminate the upstream and downstream straight pipe runs required by other dP instruments, such as orifice plates and venture tubes. Requiring only 0-3 straight pipe diameters upstream and 0-1 downstream for precise operation, it reduces typical straight runs by 70 percent or more as compared to traditional flow measurement technologies.

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Portable Power

Doosan Portable Power Introduces Natural Gas Generators

Doosan Portable Power is introducing the company’s first natural gas generators. The new NG160, NG225 and NG295 natural gas-powered generators are designed specifically for the oil and gas market, combining the ability to operate on wellhead natural gas with rugged, reliable features that ensure performance in remote locations and harsh environments.

Doosan natural gas generators are equipped with an automatic dual-fuel switch, allowing the generator to operate on propane, as well as natural gas. This ensures continuous generator operation in the event that wellhead gas flow is interrupted or unavailable.

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Topcon announces partnership with MAVinci for worldwide UAS distribution

Topcon Positioning Group has entered into a worldwide distribution partnership agreement with Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) provider MAVinci GmbH.

As the result of the partnership — Sirius — a fixed-wing UAS series guided with Topcon GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) positioning and powered by MAVinci technology will be available globally.

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Western Star Now Offers Neway ADZ Suspensions

Western Star Truck Sales, Inc., is now offering Neway ADZ Series Heavy-Duty Drive Axle Air Suspensions by SAF-HOLLAND as an option for Western Star 4800, 4900 and 6900 truck models.

The ADZ Series suspensions feature a streamlined design that has reduced weight by more than 220 lbs per axle (compared to previous models). The new, more durable suspensions are ideal for severe-duty and heavy-duty vocational applications and the weight savings can contribute to increased payload and operating efficiencies.

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Equipment Management & Maintenance

Titan’s Rear-Aft Fuel Tank

Titan Fuel Tanks, the leading manufacturer of high-performance, engineered, polymer aftermarket fuel tanks, has announced that it has started shipping its new 40-gallon 8020011, cross-linked polyethylene, rear-aft fuel tank. The polymer tank is the only one on the market engineered to fit 2011-2015 Ford F-350, F-450 and F-550 diesel cab and chassis trucks.

Titan’s new tank virtually eliminates the service and maintenance issues associated with diesel fuel line contamination originating in OE and aftermarket steel fuel tanks. The tank was met with widespread fleet interest during its first public display on June 8, at the Equipment Fleet Management 2014 National Conference and Trade Show in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

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Oil & Gas Product News

Lincoln Electric Introduces Vantage 600 SD and Air Vantage 600 SD Engine-Driven Welder/Generators

Lincoln Electric's Vantage 600 SD and Air Vantage 600 SD engine-driven welders/generators are designed for heavy industrial applications such as mining, general construction and pipe welding.
Lincoln Electric's Vantage 600 SD and Air Vantage 600 SD engine-driven welders/generators are designed for heavy industrial applications such as mining, general construction and pipe welding.

Lincoln Electric introduces two new models in its industrial Vantage engine-driven welder series. The Vantage 600 SD and Air Vantage 600 SD are each equipped with a Tier 4 Final (T4F) compliant Deutz turbo-charged diesel engine that meets all new EPA diesel fuel emission standards.

Designed for heavy industrial applications such as mining, general construction and pipe welding, both engine-driven welders are engineered to handle a variety of processes:

  • Stick welding
  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Flux-cored wire welding
  • Arc gouging

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Grand opening of first Remote Training Centre celebrated in Neskantaga

The grand opening of the Neskantaga Training Centre was celebrated in Neskantaga Territory, Ontario, showcasing the new innovative facility and collaboration technology which delivers training directly to the remote community.

The Neskantaga Training Centre is a multi-purpose facility with construction components designed to be flown into remote communities and assembled on-site. The centre is outfitted with state of the art technology, including Cisco TelePresence, high-definition two-way video communication and collaboration technology, a 70-inch Smart Board, a 70-inch LED HDTV, high-speed satellite broadband connectivity, as well as individual laptops. The centre directly connects to e-learning tools and programs to offer a wide variety of curriculum including access to secondary and post-secondary institutions, safety training courses, trades and technical certifications.

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Extended Pressure Range of 40K psi Offered for Additel Gauges and Calibrators

Additel has extended the range of its Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Pressure Calibrator series products to 40K psi (2800 bar). Prior to this range extension, Additel offered solutions up to 36K psi (2500 bar). This new pressure range is available on the ADT681, ADT680, and ADT672 products. The 40K psi pressure range is also now available for the ADT949 Hydraulic Pressure Pumps.

Additel's new range of products comes in accuracies ranging from 0.025% FS accuracy to 0.25% FS accuracy. Each product comes with a NIST-traceable certificate of calibration. 

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Industry News

Minister Raitt responds to Transportation Safety Board report on the Lac-Mégantic derailment

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, issued the following statement in response to the release of the Transportation Safety Board's (TSB) final report from its investigation into the July 6, 2013 train derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec:

"Canadians will always remember what happened in Lac-Mégantic, and today, as the TSB concludes its investigation, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and residents of Lac-Mégantic. They continue to be foremost in our minds as we, as a government, take further action to improve railway safety for all Canadians.

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Britco Awarded Phase Two of Manitoba Hydro Workforce Accommodations Contract

WesternOne Inc. has announced that its modular building division Britco has received approval to commence the second phase of a workforce accommodations contract for Manitoba Hydro's Keeyask Generating Station Project after regulatory approval early last week.

Britco was awarded the first phase of the project in December 2012, at which time Britco designed, built and installed 500 dorm rooms, a gymnasium, recreation centre, water treatment facilities, kitchen and dining areas. Second phase construction will commence immediately.

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Equipment Management & Maintenance

Enerpac Introduces Industry’s Only Self-Locking Portable Lift System

Enerpac has introduced its new Pow’R-LOCK portable lift system, the industry’s only self-contained, self-locking lift system with a rated capacity of 200 tons. With full-time, automatic load holding protection through all stages of lifting and lowering, the Pow’R-LOCK system requires no operator intervention to activate its locking system.

Designed with a patent-pending control system that maintains the position of a rotating locking collar near the cylinder base, the Pow’R-LOCK system provides a mechanical lock regardless of cylinder movement. This unique control system ensures safe and secure lifting for off-highway machinery, including trucks, tractors and other heavy machinery.

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