Dow Corning to unveil new subsea thermal insulation technology at Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition

At the 2013 Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition, Dow Corning Corporation will launch Dow Corning XTI-1003 RTV Silicone Rubber Insulation, a solid, non-syntactic advanced thermal insulation solution for high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) equipment used in deepwater production infrastructure and tiebacks.

Extensive and ongoing tests to meet producer specifications and applicator requirements indicate improvements such as: simplicity for lower risk; application ease; increased joint strength; excellent flexibility; thermal stability; and anticipated gains in field performance, reliability and service life. Based on a room-temperature-curing (RTV) liquid silicone rubber (LSR) elastomer, the precisely engineered Dow Corning XTI-1003 RTV Silicone Rubber Insulation formulation is easy to mix and apply. It cures to a durable, flexible translucent rubber without potentially harmful by-products.

The Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition will focus on improving the quality, safety and economics of the subsea tieback industry. Known as a premier event for one of the fastest-growing sectors of the oil and gas industry, the conference is scheduled for March 5 through 7 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

In Booth 957, Dow Corning will feature the new Dow Corning XTI-1003 RTV Silicone Rubber Insulation along with a variety of  Dow Corning brand specialty silicones, Molykote brand Smart Lubrication solutions, Dow Corning brand engineered elastomers and Dow Corning brand severe-duty sealants for use in oil and gas applications.

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ALLU Screener Crusher Bucket Improves Profitability In Pipeline Applications

The ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucket attachment works with wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers or back hoes to screen, crush, pulverize, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed and load materials all in one stage—increasing the profitability and efficiency of pipeline construction operations. It is an effective tool for pipeline padding and backfilling, because it allows material to be screened on site and then backfilled directly into a trench, eliminating the need for a dedicated stationary screening machine. The ALLU power adjustment valve promotes powerful startup and rotation allowing the attachment to efficiently screen and crush wet or dry material from 0.60-inch to 6-inch (15-mm to 150-mm) fragment sizes. Straight side plate construction makes the ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Buckets easy to fill and able to hold a greater volume of material, while the standard power adjustment valve prevents overloads. Locating the hydraulics on the back of the attachment keeps them well protected from damage, while patented fender plates protect the bearings and seals. Its patented construction keeps nuts and bolts away from the material flow. ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucket attachments are available in over 60 models to fit any excavator, wheel loader, skid steer or backhoe.

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Processing Equipment & Services

Heat Transfer Equipment Tour Truck Demonstrates Alfa Laval Solutions.

Alfa Laval a Heat Transfer equipment maker and maintenance services provider, is touring Canadian cities with a demo truck from June to September, 2014. Atlantic cities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were included in the first leg of the tour. More Canadian stops will be added in September based on requests for demonstration.

The tour truck shows examples of compact, welded and plate Heat Exchanger system are cutaways of models and exchanger plate configurations. The unique trailer is completely self contained and can be setup in any facility parking lot, with no connection to electricity or water.

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PLM releases new 71H pipelayer.

PipeLine Machinery International has announced the release of the 71H pipelayer. With the support of Caterpillar and the engineering expertise of Vanguard Equipment Inc., the challenge was met to create a utility-capacity pipelayer in the Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB class, designed for lifting 27 215 kg (60,000 lb.) and engineered to meet the most exacting standards in the world.

Features include:

  • Standard electro-hydraulic tractor control, dedicated hydraulics, differential steering and machine control systems.
  • Boom and hook draw works are driven by independent hydraulic winches.
  • The compact design of the counterweight provides maximum lift capability and optimum weight distribution.
  • The drawbar is able to accommodate a wide range of attachments.
  •  Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) and Quick Drop function on load line control.
  • Heavy duty undercarriage.
  • Standard 600 mm (23.6 in.) single grouser shoe, LGP configuration.
  • Standard 6.1 m (20 ft.) boom with large box section.
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    Dexter + Chaney expands access to Spectrum with its new customizable Dashboard

    Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum Construction Software, has announced that they will use Spectrum's customizable Dashboard to expand access to all employees of companies that use Spectrum. Without the need to purchase additional licenses, a company can choose to give access to the Spectrum Dashboard to any and all employees.

    “The value of software isn’t just in the depth of its features,” said John Chaney, CEO of Dexter + Chaney. “Value also depends on the breadth of accessibility. Everyone in a company needs reliable, up-to-date information to do their job. With the new all-access Dashboard, Spectrum makes it significantly easier to keep all employees informed, keep them equipped with information, and help them work better together.”

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    Oil & Gas Product News

    New Sunnen HTG series tube hones

    Built rugged for high-production requirements of the oil and gas industry, HTG series tube hones offer high reliability, flexibility, and 200+ in3/hr stock removal rate for part lengths up to 44.7 ft (13.6 m), ID's up to 24 in (609.6 mm)

    Sunnen's new HTG series tube hones are designed as oil field workhorses with high-volume throughput and increased part capacity. The standard HTG-10000 is capable of handling standard part lengths up to 44.7 feet (13.6 m) and weights up to 17,600 lbs. (8000 kg). The HTG's ID range is 2 to 24 inches (50.8 to 609.6 mm), double that of previous generation machines, with an OD capacity of 26 inches (660.4 mm) standard, and up to 48 inches (1219.2 mm) as an option. The machine is ideal for down hole equipment applications, such as drilling jars, pumps/motors and hangers, and large hydraulic cylinders like those found on offshore oil platform stabilizers. A new proportional load control hydraulic system enables maximum utilization of hydraulic power, delivering power where needed during operation for maximum efficiency. The system can deliver up to 40 hp (29.83 kW) to the spindle and up to 18 hp (13.42 kW) to the tool stroking system, for metal removal rates of 200+ in3/hr (3500 cm3/hr) using superabrasives in steel.

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    TransCanada Receives Regulatory Approval for Northern Courier Pipeline Project

    TransCanada Corporation has announced that the Alberta Energy Regulator has approved TransCanada's application to construct and operate the Northern Courier Pipeline Project (Northern Courier).

    "We are pleased that the Alberta Energy Regulator has approved Northern Courier, which will be a critical piece of infrastructure to support the long-term plans for growth and increased production from the Alberta oil sands," said Russ Girling, TransCanada's president and chief executive officer. "We currently expect construction on Northern Courier to begin in the third quarter of 2014, with it being ready for service by 2017."

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    Industry News

    Inter Pipeline Announces Completion of First Phase of Polaris Pipeline Expansion

    Inter Pipeline Ltd. (“Inter Pipeline”)  is pleased to announce that a major component of the $1.4 billion Polaris pipeline system expansion has been successfully completed and placed into commercial service. Accordingly, Inter Pipeline has begun generating cash flow under its 20-year diluent transportation agreement with the FCCL Partnership (“FCCL”), a business venture between Cenovus Energy and ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.

    Diluent shipments are expected to commence shortly from Inter Pipeline’s Lamont pump station to FCCL’s Foster Creek and Christina Lake oil sands production facilities utilizing a new 290 kilometre, 30-inch diameter mainline and associated pipeline laterals. In aggregate, FCCL has contracted for 350,000 barrels per day of firm ship-or-pay capacity on the new mainline, which will generate approximately $90 million in annual EBITDA for Inter Pipeline. These shipping arrangements represent approximately 50% of the newly installed expansion capacity. Inter Pipeline is aggressively pursuing opportunities to attract additional third party shippers to the system.

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    Precision Drilling Corporation announces alliance with Schlumberger

    Precision Drilling Corporation has announced that it has entered into a strategic technology and service agreement and marketing alliance with Schlumberger, the world's leading provider of oilfield services. The agreement aims to increase the industrialization of unconventional drilling in North America through an engineered approach that utilizes Precision’s Tier 1 drilling rigs and allows Precision access to Schlumberger’s bottomhole assembly and services. The agreement applies to Canada and the Lower 48 states in the U.S. and includes contract drilling services, downhole drilling and measurement technology, engineering expertise and operational training.

    Through this agreement, Precision will continue to expand its integrated directional drilling services utilizing Schlumberger’s downhole tools and related services supported by drilling engineering and modeling, component integration, industry leading subsurface knowledge and expertise, and high-quality measurements.

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    Portable Power

    Custom generator packages that power mobile buildings

    HIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power-generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, announced it has worked with a leading HIPOWER SYSTEMS distributor, Simson Maxwell, to develop five custom generator packages that power mobile buildings. At the heart of each package is HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ HMW 810 T6 generator, which is driven by a heavy-duty, 4-cycle, direct-injection engine from MTU. Known for their economy of operation and maximum reliability and durability, these engines are capable of full-rated load acceptance in one step. For its mobile buildings, Simson Maxwell uses two 810 T6 units to create a twin 800kW, dual-prime power package that it installs into the prefabricated buildings, producing a ready-made solution for a variety of worker accommodations and facilities. 

    “These generators, used to power our mobile buildings, are the perfect choice for a variety of typical ‘camp’ solutions,” said Simson Maxwell President Daryl Kruper. “Because many of these mobile buildings will be powering small communities of workers in very remote regions of Northern Canada, generator reliability and durability is crucial. We use HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ equipment because it has proven itself to be of the highest quality.”

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    Maverick Oilfield Services Ltd. Expands its Transportation Division

    Maverick Oilfield Services Ltd. a provider of oil and gas mechanical construction, maintenance and transportation services has announced that effective on July 1, 2014, it has acquired all shares of Latigo Trucking Ltd.

    "As Maverick looks to further strengthen its transportation business segment, the opportunity to add Latigo to our portfolio of companies enhances our growth strategy. Finding a transportation company with similar values made this combination move forward with ease. Latigo enables Maverick to focus on building this segment of our business, as we continue to execute our strategy to become a leader in the industry," says Chris Challis, CEO of Maverick.

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