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Company Description:

At Larson Electronics we pride ourselves on providing the latest and greatest in lighting designs to help enhance performance, efficiency and extreme longevity. We offer a wide variety of powerful, energy efficient lighting solutions. Product offerings include light towers, portable lights, surface mount lights, light masts, handheld lights, task lights and work area lights. Ideal for hazardous locations, these lights can be used for rigs, tank cleaning, paint booths, refineries, offshore drilling and other applications where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors exist or have the potential to exist.

Larson Electronics’ explosion proof lighting is a heavy duty, high output lighting solution for hazardous locations. Consisting of industrial grade construction, intense illumination and Class 1&2 Division 1&2 ratings, these lights are built to provide operators with a safe, luminous work environment.

Explosion Proof LED Light on Portable Base Stand

Larson Electronics’ EPL-16BS-1X150LED-100 portable explosion proof LED light is an easy to maneuver work light for use within hazardous locations. This energy efficient, powerful LED lighting system provides 10,000 square feet of work area coverage with 12,500 lumens while drawing only 150 watts. This unit consists of an LED light head mounted atop a portable base stand and the light head can easily be adjusted up or down 90 degrees. Often simply referred to as a “tank light”, this light is considered universal due to its ability to be passed through any conventional manhole such as those found in petrochemical containers and ship storage tanks. Custom configurations available.

Explosion Proof 150 Watt High Bay LED Light Fixture

Larson Electronics’ EPL-HB-150LED-RT explosion proof high bay LED light fixture provides operators with a powerful, energy efficient alternative to traditional hazardous location luminaries. This light fixture produces 12,500 lumens of high intensity LED illumination while drawing only 150 watts. Special heat dissipating design in conjunction with LED technology helps this fixture to achieve an excellent 60,000 hour rated lifespan with 80% lumen retention. This unit is rated Class 1&2, Division 1&2 and paint spray booth approved.

Portable Hazardous Location LED Light Fixture

Larson Electronics high output HAL-PM-1X150LED-100 hazardous area light provides 18,000 square feet of work area coverage with 14,790 lumens of light output while drawing only 150 watts. This LED light is ideal for Class 1, Division 2 environments where workers who desire a light they can simply set down and plug in without any need special mounting or placement needs.

Explosion Proof 30’ Telescoping Light Mast

Larson Electronics’ LM-30-3S-EPLC2-12X150RT-RB is a thirty foot, three stage light tower equipped with four high output Class 1, Division 2 and Class 2, Division 1&2 LED light fixtures. This light tower folds over for easy transport, features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation and a removable mast head for storing mounted lights when not in use. This telescoping light tower mast is designed to allow operators to quickly and safely deploy four of our 150 watt LED light fixtures to heights up to 30’ for effective lighting coverage.

Trailer Mounted 50’ LED Light Plant

Larson Electronics’ LM-50-5S-TLR-16X400LTL-LED provides a safe, effective way to quickly deploy sixteen 400 watt LED light heads to elevations up to fifty feet. The 16 LED light heads produce a combined 832,000 lumens of high quality light. This light boom can be extended to 5.’ For maximum area coverage and collapsed to 13.5’ for applications where a footprint smaller is required. This light plant folds over for easy transportation, features a hydraulic upright assist, air powered mast and high output LED light fixtures. Custom configurations available.


50' Five Stage Light Mast on 21 Foot Trailer - Extends 13-50 Feet - (16) 400 Watt LED Light Heads

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Asset Management

Larson Electronics releases Class 1, four foot, six-lamp fixture with acrylic lens

The Larson Electronics HALS-48-6L-ACR-T5HO Hazardous Area Fluorescent Light Fixture.

Larson Electronics has added to its extensive range of industrial grade lighting equipment with the release of a Class 1 Division 2 explosion proof four foot, six lamp fixture that provides operators with a very durable, reliable, and affordable lighting solution for open areas where flammable chemicals and vapors may occasionally be present.

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Temporary manhole mount LED fixture

The Larson Electronics MMLP-1MLED 150 watt Temporary Manhole Mount Light Fixture provides operators with a powerful and highly convenient alternative to traditional string or tank lights. LED technology, an innovative 21” man-way support bracket and compact design makes this lamp an excellent lighting solution for operators working within storage tanks, railcars, and other locations where entry is through a 21” man-hole opening.

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New Class 1 Div 2 offshore LED rig light fixture

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful new LED fixture designed to provide powerful output combined with rugged construction capable of withstanding the rigors of offshore operation. The HAL-24-3L-LED-BMSW Hazardous Area LED Light Fixture features Class 1 Division 2 approvals, second generation HO LED tubes, and corrosion resistant aluminum construction.

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Heavy-duty pneumatic light tower

Featuring a heavy duty pneumatic tower powered by a 1/3 horsepower compressor and three 150 watt LED lamps, the PLM-18-3X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower provides brilliant and powerful illumination in a durable yet easy to deploy lighting system.

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Larson Electronics announces release of easy to deploy 600 watt LED Light Tower

Larson Electronics has announced the release of an adjustable LED light tower designed to allow operators to quickly and easily provide high power illumination for large scale work sites and events with minimal effort. The PLM-18-4X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower from Larson Electronics features four 150 watt LED light heads producing a combined total of 59,160 lumens of powerful light output and a pneumatically powered tower assembly capable of elevating the lamp assembly to a full 18 feet in height for maximum area coverage.

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