Pyromation, Inc.

5211 Industrial Road
Fort Wayne, IN
US, 46825

Company Description:

Pyromation began operations in 1962 and is one of the leading producers of thermocouples, RTDs/PT100s and thermowells in North America. An ISO 9001-registered firm and Lean manufacturing enterprise, Pyromation has an onsite NVLAP-accredited Metrology Laboratory providing temperature calibrations traceable to NIST standards for sensors and instruments.

The Fort Wayne-based headquarters/plant operations is where Pyromation’s team members custom design and manufacture a variety of temperature sensors, which can be found on equipment and in process applications in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, food & beverage, dairy, plastics, heat-treating, pharmaceutical, aerospace, biomass, metal processing, rubber, mining, HVAC, water & wastewater, incineration and many other industries in North America and around the world.

Standard delivery is four working days with same day, 24 or 72 hour express orders available on request. This combination of personalized service, quick delivery and a broad line of superior quality sensors, components, complete assemblies and accessories ensure optimal solutions for all of your temperature measurement applications. Speed, service, solutions…beyond measure.

Heat Tracers

Heat tracer sensors are designed to measure surface temperatures of liquid or gas piping systems.They can be fitted with general-purpose or explosion-proof connection heads and a variety of temperature transmitters.

Explosion-Proof Sensors

Explosion-proof (XP) thermocouples and RTDs are designed for use in hazardous locations in refineries, storage facilities and gas processing plants. These sensors are built to extinguish flames inside the device, eliminating the potential for ignition of flammable mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere. These sensors are FM and CSA approved for installation in Class I, Division I or II environments.

General-Purpose Sensor Assemblies with Connection Heads

Fixed-sheath and spring-loaded thermocouple and RTD temperature sensor assemblies are available with “General Purpose” or “Explosion-Proof” connection heads. The fixed-sheath assemblies have head-mounting fittings that are welded or brazed to the sheath and serve as stand-alone sensors for a number of oil and gas applications, including compression skids, dehydration units and condensate separators. The spring-loaded assemblies are available as replacement elements or as complete units including thermowells, for use in harsher environments, such as high-velocity piping systems. All of these sensors can be fitted with one of a variety of temperature transmitters


Pyromation drills and machines a variety of bar stock materials to custom specifications to produce thermowells as part of the company’s sensor assemblies or to provide as stand-alone units. The company also welds flanged and multi-piece thermowells as required for various applications. These pressure vessels protect the sensor from harsh corrosive, high-velocity, abrasive environments. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is conducted in Pyromation’s NVLAP-accredited Metrology Lab to ensure confidence in thermowell construction. Performing all of these functions on site allows Pyromation to deliver customer orders in as few as four business days.

Pipe Well Assemblies

MgO-insulated pipe well assemblies can be used as a less expensive alternative to thermowell assemblies in a number of low-pressure and high-temperature applications including: Incineration, Boilers, Power Generation, Low-velocity Piping Systems and Holding Tanks.