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Instrumentation, Systems & Automation


Drilling & Production

Schlumberger, Equinor collaborate on DELFI Environment deployment to improve exploration and geoscience

Schlumberger and Equinor have announced a strategic project, in collaboration with Microsoft, to deploy the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, with seamless integration to the OSDU Data Platform—the industry's new data standard. This project aims to accelerate Equinor's ability to integrate data at scale and improve decision making.

Partnership brings pumps and motors together for range of applications

Single Phase Power Solutions (SPPS) has partnered with Cornell Pumps to incorporate their  pumps and pump monitoring systems with SPPS engineered pump systems that us the SPPS large horsepower single-phase BELLE Motor.  Availability of these proven pumping solutions enhances SPPS' capabilities to deliver higher horsepower, single-phase pump solutions for a wide range of industries and applications using readily available single-phase utility service.  It is often prohibitively expensive to extend three-phase power, forcing customers to choose diesel-driven solutions with high operating costs or unreliable phase converters over the electric-driven pumps. This new partnership  with Cornell allows Single Phase Power Solutions to better design pump-and-motor combinations to suit site-specific needs, with no harmonics, no reliability issues, and no tuning required.  

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Offshore Technology

Software & IT

Cloud-based upstream document management introduced by Quorum Software

Quorum Software, a leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry,  announced the release of myQuorum DynamicDocs, a cloud-based document management system purpose-built to make oil and gas operators more secure, agile and compliant. As part of the myQuorum platform, DynamicDocs will play a central role in helping Quorum customers evolve document-based business processes to deliver more value and streamline workflows.