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Drilling & Production

CAODC predicts slow 2021 for drilling sector

After a promising start, 2020 activity levels came to a crashing halt at the end of Q1 along with the global economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry faced historic lows in oil pricing, which drove historic lows in drilling activity, with CAODC drilling contractors averaging only 17 active rigs in June.

MTU power pushes drillout rigs to success in Texas operation

Drilling tens of thousands of feet for oil and gas is demanding. Every piece of equipment must work seamlessly. Many trucks and rigs are part of the well completion process, including mobile units built for frac plug drillout services. This type of equipment tackles the most strenuous part of the job - continuous-duty pumping. The challenge is designing a drillout rig that can deliver without fail, helping an operation drive down costs and cycle times.

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Offshore Technology

Software & IT

Cloud-based upstream document management introduced by Quorum Software

Quorum Software, a leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry,  announced the release of myQuorum DynamicDocs, a cloud-based document management system purpose-built to make oil and gas operators more secure, agile and compliant. As part of the myQuorum platform, DynamicDocs will play a central role in helping Quorum customers evolve document-based business processes to deliver more value and streamline workflows.