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HIPOWER SYSTEMS debuts Zenith Powered Generator for specialized oil and gas applications

Caterpillar Oil & Gas announces new generation of operator displays for gas compression engines — furthering investment in digital technology

Caterpillar Oil & Gas has announced the next generation of operator interface displays for Cat gas compression engines. The newly designed displays provide for complete engine monitoring of important engine parameters and conditions on an intuitive color touch-screen. In addition, these capabilities provide complete engine set-up and tuning, eliminating the need for a computer based service tool for typical start-ups and maintenance. These capabilities reduce the complexity of setting up engines in the field giving operators convenient access to the information needed to maximize up-time. The user-friendly displays connect to Caterpillar and customer control systems or SCADA systems via a Modbus interface – allowing for convenient interfacing of systems.

Caterpillar selected by Jerrywon Energy and Yantai Jereh to provide Thirteen Gas Engines in Yanchang’s pilot gas compression project

Caterpillar Oil & Gas has announced that a total of thirteen Cat G3600 and G3500 gas engines have been selected by China’s leading gas OEMs – Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group CO., Ltd and Beijing Jerrywon Energy Equipments CO., Ltd. These engines provide a combined power of 12,877 kW and will drive gas compressors in Yanchang, China. The Cat gas engines will be fully operational in October 2016.

Paralleling natural gas generators reduces potential downtime

The North American oil and gas industry has experienced unparalleled growth of oil production over the last five years. Since 2009, the U.S. and Canada have steadily increased oil production year to year. In 2014, the U.S. surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest oil producer, while Canada positioned itself to top China as the fourth largest oil producing country. Canada reported a production rate of 4.3 million b/d in 2014, compared to China’s rate of 4.4 million b/d.

ESAB launches Warrior Yardfeed 200 and Mobilefeed 301AVS portable wire feeders

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched its new Warrior YardFeed 200 and MobileFeed 301AVS, which join the previously launched MobileFeed 201AVS to provide a complete line of portable wire feeders compatible with the Warrior 400i MV CC/CV and Warrior 500i power sources. All feeders deliver premium feeding performance, especially with the cored wires common in construction, field repair and similar uses.

Lighting System updates include Bluetooth remote and Lithium Ion battery technology

Pelican Products, Inc. has introduced the new and improved version of the 9440 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) with a host of upgraded functionality:

  • Compatibility with a Bluetooth Pelican smart phone app (iOS and Android) for remote activation and battery management
  • A high-efficiency lithium ion battery which allows the area light to be left on the charger indefinitely without harm to the battery
  • Doubled lumen output with three settings (High/Medium/Low):
    • 5,300 lumens for 1.5 hours on High
    • 2,800 lumens for 4 hours on Medium
    • 1,400 lumens for 8 hours on Low
  • Full time battery level indicator
  • Now works with standard AC wall power
  • External hot-swappable PowerPacks available to extend the use (Sold Separately)

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Caterpillar Introduces EPA-Certified Cat CG137-12 Generator Set for Power Generation in Oil and Gas Applications

Caterpillar Oil & Gas is pleased to announce the Cat CG137-12 oilfield gas generator set has received U.S. EPA Tier 2 SI Non-road Mobile certification. Primarily used in oil and gas power generation applications, the CG137-12 is available with power ratings of 400 ekW @ 60 Hz and can be acquired through the Cat dealer network as a pricelist option.

Hipower Systems High-Efficiency Apollo L-30 LED Lighting Tower

Hipower Systems has announced the Apollo L-30 – a heavy-duty, generator-equipped lighting tower. The ultra-long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting is the first to be designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the mobile worksite. According to the company, it is also the only light source for light towers that meets Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) standards for glare reduction, bug reduction (attracts 80 percent fewer insects than traditional lights) and shadow reduction.

VMAC RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor Boasts Small Footprint

VMAC's RAPTAIR-G30 is a high performance, gas engine driven, rotary screw compressor which has a price point comparable to its reciprocating gas drive competitors, but with reliability, durability and performance that is synonymous with VMAC rotary screw compressors. This marks the first time a rotary screw air compressor has been able to compete in the smaller CFM gas drive market.

Eaton’s DuraForce Pumps Power Terramac RT9 Rubber-Tracked Crawlers Through Tough Terrain

Power management company Eaton has announced that its DuraForce tandem HPV075 piston pumps and L2 series, two-section gear pumps are helping Terramac RT9 rubber-tracked crawlers navigate the rugged terrains found in oil and gas drilling or mining operations. The customized pumps provide speed and maneuverability to these multi-function crawler carriers.

Deciding If a Natural Gas Generator Is the Right Fit For Your Well Site

When you break down a natural gas generator next to its diesel counterpart, it’s difficult to tell the differences. The primary difference involves the fuel source. Natural gas generators are equipped with diesel engines that are configured to operate on wellhead natural gas – a distinction that gives the natural gas generator a clear operational advantage for those in the oil and gas industry.

Chicago Pneumatic 850 CFM Compressor Works Range of Applications With Variable Flow and Pressure Control

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment has released the CPS 850 portable diesel compressor to the North American marketplace. The compressor can work a range of applications with variable flow and pressure control, making it an incredibly versatile solution on the jobsite. The 850 CFM compressor also features easy operation, simplified maintenance, and a maximum amount of uptime.

Minimize Downtime and Optimize Performance with the Right Oil

A reliable and well-maintained gas-powered engine can lead to a healthier bottom line for plant operators. Operations and service managers need high performing products that have a proven track record of success under a wide range of conditions and should take a proactive approach in carefully selecting a gas engine oil (GEO) to help achieve ideal engine performance. In contrast with other fuel types, gas engines traditionally burn cleaner and hotter and operate at a constant speed. GEOs play a critical role in engine cleanliness and durability, which means they must be specifically formulated to minimize engine downtime, maximize drain intervals and optimize performance.

Voith’s Variable Speed Planetary Gear Vorecon with Dual Torque Converter Growing in U.S. Market

Voith’s patented Vorecon with Dual Torque Converter is expanding its footprint in the U.S. market, with five Vorecons equipped in compressor stations transporting natural gas from the Marcellus shale formation into markets in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast states. These Vorecons are increasing transport capacity by over 25 percent, and improving reliability and efficiency in the process. The Vorecon with Dual Torque Converter is a variable speed planetary gear with two matched torque converters. It delivers high efficiency, even into the lower speed range, providing an efficient way to control the speed of large pumps and compressors in use in a variety of fields. It is up to two percent more efficient than variable frequency drives (VFD).

Single Source Solution: Caterpillar Supplies Propell Oilfield Equipment with Cat Engine with Dynamic Gas Blending, Cat Transmission, Cat Pressure Pump and a Cat Vocational Truck for Landmark Well Stimulation Trailer

Caterpillar Oil & Gas has announced the company has outfitted a well stimulation trailer for Propell Oilfield Equipment with all Cat components for the first time in its noted history. Featured on the trailer is the Cat 3512C (HD) engine with Dynamic Gas Blending, a Cat TH55-E70 transmission as well as the Cat WS255 quintuplex pressure pump with a stainless steel fluid end.


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Exterran’s C-Series Gas Compression Line Expands with New Model, Options

Exterran has introduced the latest addition to its C-Series offering of configurable compression packages: the C-Series 7044 Compression Package. The C-Series 7044 joins Exterran’s product portfolio and builds on its line of natural gas compression products pre-engineered with a wide range of configuration options, allowing for flexibility, fast delivery and high performance.

Cummins QSK Series Drilling Engines to Meet Tier 4 Final Using Integrated SCR Aftertreatment

Cummins Inc. has announced that the QSK Series engines for land-based drilling will meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final regulation using next-generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) aftertreatment. The Cummins Tier 4 Final drilling solution will meet or exceed the same uptime, reliability and durability that customers are currently experiencing with Tier 2 product.

Caterpillar Powers Black Gold Oilfield Services to $300,000 in Fuel Savings in Alaskan North Slope

Operating in the rugged Arctic conditions of Alaska’s North Slope might be considered an insurmountable challenge for some power solutions, but not for the Cat CG137-12 gas generator set. In August 2014, Caterpillar and Cat dealer NC Power Systems delivered two Cat CG137-12 generator sets to Black Gold Oilfield Services for operation in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, where winds regularly exceed 100 mph and temperatures are capable of reaching negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Since going online the two gas generator sets have delivered more than reliable power; they have also saved Black Gold Oilfield Services over $300,000 in operating costs in a short six months. By reliably powering a 265 bed man camp strictly on the Cat C137 generator sets and not having to utilize local utilities, Black Gold Oilfield Services is accruing monthly fuel savings in excess of $50,000.

Overall Value Can Trump Total Cost Of Ownership for Electrical Equipment

Highly reliable power distribution equipment, custom engineered for its specific application, is essential for productive mining and oil and gas operations. Material handling, dewatering, safety equipment, ventilation – in short, uptime – all depend on it, which in turn places crucial importance on supplier selection and engineering specification.

Caterpillar Expands Product Line with Launch of the Cat G3600 ADEM A4 and Introduction of Complete Line of Drivers for the Gas Compression Industry

For decades, Caterpillar Oil & Gas has powered the gas compression industry with industry-leading gas-fuelled engines, including the legendary Cat G3500 and G3600 product platforms. Built using the proven Cat diesel designs, Cat gas-fuelled engines have stood up to the most demanding natural gas applications for more than fifty years, delivering legendary reliability and durability. The Cat G3600 engine family alone has logged over 140 million hours of operating hours around the world.

Caterpillar Achieves First EPA Mobile and Stationary Certification for Natural Gas, Spark-Ignited Cat G3306B Generator Set

Caterpillar Oil & Gas has announced the Cat G3306B generator set has received United States EPA Mobile & Stationary Certification, the first Cat power solution to achieve this distinction. Primarily used in land production applications, the G3306B certifiedoilfield gas generator set is available with apower ratings of 131 ekW @ 60 Hz. Customers can order the EPA certified G3306B generator set through the Cat dealer network as a design to order solution.

Portable generators advance in functionality and applications

For the past few years, portable industrial generators have been undergoing a transformation in design and performance. Today, these versatile machines comes in a wide array of sizes and power ratings. They can be equipped with their own fuel tanks, outfitted with bifuel systems to burn gas and diesel, and incorporate advanced power distribution equipment.


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Atlas Copco Showcases Tier 4 Final QAS 25 Generator

One of Atlas Copco’s latest additions to its generator lineup, the compact QAS 25, is equipped with an Isuzu 4LE engine and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to achieve Tier 4 Final emission levels. The generator is ideal for heavy-duty use in several industries, including rental, oil and gas and construction. It is also an exceptional option for powering events. It can be used for prime or standby power and is designed to withstand the rigor of demanding use in the field.

Atlas Copco Featured 1-Megawatt QAC 1200 Generator at POWER-GEN International

Atlas Copco QAC 1200 generators produce 1 megawatt of predictable power. They can be used in prime power or critical standby applications in a multitude of industries, including construction, mining, and oil and gas. Operators also can parallel as many as 16 QAC 1200 generators for greater dependability, versatility and reduced fuel consumption.

Atlas Copco previewed new Tier 4 Final generator at POWER-GEN International

Atlas Copco Portable Energy gave tradeshow attendees an exclusive preview of its Tier 4 Final QAS 275 generator before it hits the market in the second quarter of 2015. The new generator meets Tier 4 emission standards without a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and features the latest technology that simplifies maintenance. The new generator was on display December 8-11 during the 2014 POWER-GEN International tradeshow in Orlando, Florida.

GE Pursues the Future of Gas through its Cutting-Edge Technology

As a result of the shale gas boom in North America, natural gas has become one of the most promising alternatives for constant and plentiful energy supply. As such LNG plants are among the latest efforts made by energy companies to build on this potential. This is leading to a high increase in investment in some of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects destined to bring this gas to market.

LNG Canada Selects GE Oil & Gas High-Efficiency LMS100 Gas Turbine-Compressor Technology for Proposed LNG Facility in British Columbia

GE Oil & Gas recently announced LNG Canada Development Inc. has selected GE's high-efficiency LMS100-PB dry low emission (DLE) aeroderivative gas turbine as well as vertically and horizontally split centrifugal compressor technologies for its proposed gas liquefaction plant for the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Kitimat, British Columbia.


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