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Transportation A Solid Business in an Unpredictable Market

According to a 2009 report by management consultants Alvarez & Marsal, of all activities that encompass the life of an oil rig, mobilization accounted for about 25 percent – not much less than the majority of activity expected from casing and drilling, which represents 45 percent.

New Uptime Center Advances Volvo Trucks’ Commitment to Customer Uptime

Volvo Trucks has opened its new North American Uptime Center, bringing together key resources to ensure that customers’ trucks keep moving. The 123,000 square-foot Uptime Center consolidates the people and systems needed to monitor and respond to vehicle issues in real time, help dealers troubleshoot difficult cases and find the necessary parts for repair.

Record-breaking 450-tonne dump truck from Belaz

The Belaz 75710 dump truck has a payload of 450 tonnes, which makes it 25 percent more productive than the company’s next largest dump truck, and reduces environmental impact per load. It can be operated in temperatures down to -60C and at almost 5 000 meters above sea level.

All-New Ford F-150 Boxlink, Led Box Lights and Remote Tailgate Release Revolutionize Truck Bed Cargo Management

Ford is revolutionizing the management and stowage of cargo inside the pickup truck box with its patented BoxLink system debuting on the all-new Ford F-150. Along with LED box lights, a power locking and remote tailgate release, and segment-first cargo ramps, the 2015 F-150 is better equipped to help manage loads more efficiently.

Video Monitoring Simplifies Site Surveillance Needs

The remote nature of oil and gas operations has generated a range of devices that detect, track and transmit information at wellheads and pipelines to offices sometimes thousands of kilometres away. Advances in remote-monitoring instrumentation have increased safety and reliability of equipment, and also cut down on in-person visits, significantly lowering operational costs.

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Kenworth C500s Delivers in Extreme Working Conditions

With a fleet of 65 Kenworth C500s, ATK Oilfield Transportation provides oil rig moving services throughout the oilfields of Western Canada and Texas. Founded by Artie Kos, who previously had built and sold one of the largest privately-held trucking companies in Canada, ATK was launched in 2010 with brand new Kenworth C500s carrying the load.

2014 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Wins Vincentric Best Value in Canada Award

The 2014 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty has won the Vincentric Best Value in Canada Award. This is the third year of its Best Value in Canada awards. To pick its “Best Value in Class,” Vincentric fastidiously scrutinizes objective data on vehicles in each segment of the market, factoring in everything from the cost of insurance and repair, to fuel consumption, maintenance and depreciation.

Volvo Trucks Opens Customer Experience Track at its New River Valley Plant

Volvo’s New River Valley (NRV) assembly plant in Dublin, Virginia officially opened its 1.1-mile Customer Experience Trackduring a celebration with Volvo executives, government officials and employees. The track features a paved road course and an off-highway area to better enable Volvo to showcase its extensive range of Class 8 vehicles during customer tours and special events at the plant.

Triton Transport Expands to New, State-of-the-art Facility in Chilliwack

Triton Transport Ltd., which provides its purpose-built equipment for heavy-haul services across North America, has relocated its Head Office from Langley to Chilliwack, BC, effective July 21, 2014, and is open for business for clients needing transportation services or equipment maintenance in Triton’s fully equipped, state-of-the-art shop.

Volvo Trucks Introduces Innovative Approach to Fleet Management Services by Telogis

Volvo Trucks is complementing its Remote Diagnostics connected vehicle platform with the introduction of fleet management services provided by Telogis, a leading provider of cloud-based location intelligence software. Volvo’s integrated connected vehicle hardware, standard on new Volvo-powered Volvo trucks, allows motor carriers to utilize Telogis’ best-in-class Fleet, Compliance and Navigation applications, while eliminating hardware purchases and installation costs traditionally associated with fleet management systems. Actionable information delivered through the Telogis platform helps motor carriers control costs, increase safety and hours-of-service compliance, improve customer service and enhance operations.

Navistar Ships First Vocational Vehicles with 9 and 10 Liter SCR Engines

Navistar, has announced that it has started customer shipments of its first International DuraStar  and International  WorkStar vehicles with the company’s 9- and 10-liter engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions technology. The company’s internal testing shows these products are delivering up to eight percent in fuel economy improvement over the previous generation.

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Diesel-powered 8x8 vehicle

In response to market demand, Argo has extended its capabilities in the commercial sector with the introduction of the 8x8 XTD diesel-powered Argo along with other new equipment items: a load-tested Universal Mounting System (UMS), a utility box, an 8-wheel trailer, a heavy duty track system and a variety of factory-approved tools for specific industries.

Hauler chassis offers array of applications for body builders

Articulated haulers have been a popular sight on construction sites since the concept was popularized in the 1960s. But these machines’ ability to tackle the harshest of on-site conditions has a far wider application than just earth moving. The launch of the Hauler Chassis by Volvo makes it even easier for customers and expert body builders to adapt standard haulers into special purpose vehicles.

Articulated truck keeps productivity high

Powered by a Tier 4 interim compliant Scania DC9 370 hp engine, the new Terex TA300 Generation 9 articulated truck is designed to keep productivity levels high, fuel consumption low and cycle times short. The proven fuel-efficient design of the new TA300 boasts a 12 percent reduction in fuel consumption for fewer refueling stops, as well as more than a two percent rise in horsepower and a six percent increase in peak torque for better overall acceleration, over its predecessor. The TA300 is equipped with a ZF fully automatic with manual override transmission and retarder.

55-ton beam deck trailer

The Talbert 55-Ton RA Beam Deck Trailer features a non-ground bearing gooseneck customized with a 114-inch swing clearance that allows the operator to achieve more weight on the steer axle. This extra swing clearance also allows for a 26-foot beam deck which facilitates a lighter overall weight at a lower ground clearance, a four-axle, heavy-duty suspension offering 30,000-pound capacity, and a powerful four-hydraulic-cylinder design for high lifting capacity.

Mechanics truck with high crane capacity

The Dominator III fills a niche in the Dominator family of mechanics trucks. Featuring a 13-foot body with various sidepack configurations and a crane capacity of 12,000 pounds, the Dominator III truck is designed for customers who need more capacity than the Dominator II vehicle’s 10,000-pound maximum, but do not require the 14,000-pound capacity of the Dominator IV truck.

Portable deep marking system

This portable deep marking system can be used to produce permanent marking at unrivalled depths. Remarkably quiet in operation, this equipment is notable for its flexibility and ease of use, and all that is required for operation is a standard electrical supply (between 90 and 230 V). Whether being used on tubes or a flat surface, users need only position it on the part, without the need for any clamping or positioning tools. It is designed for use on pipes of all kinds (oil, gas, mining), lifting equipment (pallet trucks, forklift trucks), works vehicles, boatbuilding, or structural steelwork.   Technifor  

Data digitization system

Capturx software  is designed to digitize data for integration into Microsoft SharePoint and Excel, and provide immediate sharing, reporting and workflow automation. Capturx works as a natural interface into Microsoft Office, SharePoint, ArcGIS and PDF, through the use of digital pens. It enables paper forms, maps and designs to be filled out or marked up with digital pens, which digitize the handwriting and integrate the data directly into software applications.

Remote monitoring technology

Ideal for oil and gas companies needing to remotely monitor high-tech facilities and equipment, IndigoVision’s complete IP video security technology allows stations to be centrally monitored from a single control room using specialized software. This extensive security surveillance is achieved through the use of a  hybrid IP network consisting of satellite, fibre optic and wireless links. Indigo’s technology also uses a unique framerate control, so that when there is no motion detected at a given site, it reduces the amount of bandwidth needed.   

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Video surveillance system

Originally developed for a major oil and gas company to monitor remote wells, the Longwatch XLP Low Power Video Surveillance System is powered by solar cells and batteries. The system hibernates in a low-power standby mode until an external sensor, such as a motion detector or intrusion alarm, or a command from a central control room sends it a signal to “wake up”.  

IP video keeps watch over remote gas facilities in Amazon rainforest

A major oil and gas company based in Brazil is using IndigoVision’s complete IP video security technology to remotely monitor high-tech automated gas facilities in the Amazon rainforest. According to the company, their 12 compounds, many of which are unmanned, contain millions of dollars of process automation, telemetry and telecom equipment, and are spread across many thousands of miles of forest. All the stations are centrally monitored from a control room in Rio de Janeiro using Control Center, IndigoVision’s Security Management software.  

Land Tamer XHD amphibious vehicles

Navigating swamp and muskeg to access oil and gas resources can be extremely challenging. The professional-grade Land Tamer XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) is a fully amphibious vehicle with more cargo area than earlier models, and the capability to haul up to 2,000 pounds of payload. The unit uses a track-over-tire system for maximum versatility and mobility in the most extreme terrain conditions, and has a ground pressure of one pound per square inch.   

New web-based reporting tool introduced

IDS, the provider of web-based reporting and analysis services to the upstream oil and gas industry, has unveiled DrillNet Junior. The new drilling reporting tool is a streamlined version of IDS’s successful DrillNet application.   The aim of DrillNet Junior is to bring high-quality drilling reporting services to smaller operators. 

X-Trac rubber tracking

X-Trac Rubber Tracks is available for all OEM brands of mini-excavators, compact track loaders and other specialized equipment. The use of jointless technology ensures superior strength and durability. Short pitch tracks are enhanced with a patented bi-directional lug pattern and thicker reinforced edges. The manufacturer states that this technology results in longer life, effective traction and a bi-directional driving ability.    In addition, X-Trac is guaranteed to fit right. Tensile strength and hardness ratings meet or exceed all OEM specifications. X-Trac Rubber Track is warranted against any material and workmanship defects; mini-excavator track is warranted for 18 months and compact track loader track for 12 months.  

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