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Intrinsically safe operator panels for hazardous locations

TERMEX, a family of intrinsically safe text and graphic operator panels, feature a backlit monochrome LC display for flexible and cost-effective PLC and computer-based operation and monitoring of machines and processes located in hazardous areas. These panels are FM approved for Div. 1 and ATEX certified for Zone 1 hazardous area use.

TERMEX is well-suited for fixed or mobile use in oil and gas applications. For instance, the system can be programmed to display Gravity Tool Interface, Inclination, and Azimuth information from data acquisition systems for operator well logging and measurement. TERMEX Pro graphical interface software allows the control, display, and visualization projects to be created easily. “C” programming tools are optional.

TERMEX supports the most popular communication protocols, including PROFIBUS-DP and Modbus. Traditional panel operation is also possible with a connection to a host computer using an ASCII protocol. These machine level interfaces are typically connected to a PLC.

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