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Acceleware speeds up search for oil and gas with GPUs

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1600 - 37th St SW
Calgary, AB
CA, T3C 3P1


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Acceleware AxKTM is an application library that enables users of 3D Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM) solutions to easily access the multi-fold performance benefits of today’s leading GPUs (Graphic Processor Units). This release expands Acceleware’s HPC platform to provide commercial software vendors with the solutions needed to rapidly deliver required processing power for the world’s most compute intensive seismic applications. The AxKTM product delivers a robust software toolkit that allows commercial seismic vendors and software developers to easily integrate with the Acceleware platform for speeding up PSTM data processing solutions. The Acceleware platform provides a direct link for developers to the latest multi-core hardware solutions required to process the enormous data sets inherent with migration techniques. When combined with GPU accelerators, AxKTM can deliver a significant increase in computing performance while reducing power consumption, cooling needs and data center footprint – offering a compelling price to performance ratio for customers facing the increasing costs of computing processing power.