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Kalsi rotary seals

Kalsi Seals are a family of patented, one-piece elastomeric rotary seals. They provide hydrodynamic lubrication to accommodate high differential pressure and minimize seal and shaft wear. Kalsi Seals are used for lubricant retention and contaminant exclusion. Typical applications include both high and low differential pressure installations, such as: downhole drilling mud motors, rotary steerable drilling systems, high pressure/speed drilling and coring swivels, rotary blowout preventers, artificial lift top drives, rotary valve actuators, slant hole drilling swivels, and other abrasive service equipment. Features and benefits: hydrodynamic lubrication reduces seal and shaft wear, running torque and seal-generated heat, and permits higher pressure and speed combinations; lip design excludes environmental abrasives; suitable for transient conditions that cause mechanical face seals to fail or leak excessively, such as frequent starts/stops, pressure fluctuations, shock and vibration, and temperature changes.

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