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Software improves management of complex drilling operations

Oil and gas producers can now make measurable improvements in production output by using the latest version of Actenum’s Rig Activity Scheduler (RAS) software. RAS Version 3.0 takes the guesswork out of assigning rigs to wells, and enables upstream operations to utilize drilling, completion and workover rigs more efficiently.

With new features that provide powerful decision support, Actenum RAS 3.0 incorporates an automated, interactive capability for scheduling complex drilling operations. Using RAS, rigs are assigned to wells with a drag-and-drop interface that links drilling activities to user-defined key performance metrics, such as production output, rig budgets, and well completion dates, making it easy to determine the impact of rig deployment decisions in real time. As operating conditions change and revisions are needed, users can develop and evaluate multiple scenarios, before selecting the most appropriate course of action.

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