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Dust collection system saves energy, equipment costs

Dust collection system saves energy, equipment costs
The Au-toAir cutoff gate is a double win in energy and equipment-cost savings for any shop with a central collection system for dust, fumes or mists serving intermittently operated machines. The AutoAire gate automatically opens needed duct branches when a machine is turned on, while closing off inactive branches and machines. This fully utilizes the pick-up power of a collection system by applying as much vacuum as possible, only when and where needed, allowing a smaller fan – with smaller energy bill – to handle a system with many branches. AutoAire gates often “conserve” capital equipment costs, too. They allow sizing of the collector system based on the true usage, rather than the total requirement. This can significantly reduce the size and cost of the system. AutoAir gates may also eliminate the need to purchase a larger collection unit as a plant adds branches to a duct system over time.

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