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Spill containment scales for weighing chemicals

Spill containment scales for weighing chemicals
Scaletron Industries, Ltd. enhances its product line with a new Spill Containment Scale (Models 4042 and 4042WB) for weighing chemicals that have the following features: • They weigh only the chemical dispensed into the water treatment system. If there is a chemical spill, the weight is still on the scale and doesn’t read as though it has been dispensed into the system.

• They have four load cells that are completely sealed in PVC and vinyl plastic enclosures, therefore protected from spilled chemicals, and the chemical containers do not have to be centered, balanced or levelled.

• Integral splash, spill and containment scale platforms are impervious to most water treatment chemicals such as: fluoride, sodium hy-pochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sodium bisulfate, polymers, ammonia, phosphate, alum, caustic, sodium aluminates or other liquids or powders.

• Ultra low-profile design: The scale frame height does not exceed 1.5 inches; facilitating easy on and off loading of heavy containers. Model 4042 scale contains moderate spills, while Model 4042WB (with bladder) has an additional rollout bladder to hold contents of the container being weighed if spilled or leaked.

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