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PDC cutter options for drill bits

Newkut Industries announced two new grades of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutter inserts, giving drill bit manufacturers and operators new options for designing and delivering high performance in oil and gas drilling. Newkut’s Zafonic range of PDC cutter inserts is designed to maximize the hardness and wear resistance of the cutter edge. The cutters are proven to maintain a sharp and durable edge throughout the life of the product to deliver the highest rates of drilling penetration. Matthew Cook, director of international operations explains, “Zafonic PDC cutters feature a proprietary non-planar interface design to effectively distribute residual stress in the cutter layer and thereby ensure that the critical regions of the cutter have been exposed to a favour-able stress state.” Newkut also introduced the Tenzing range with a very high resistance to cutter edge chip, fracture or spalling. Both cutter grades are available in 13-, 16- and 19-mm standard diameter and lengths to suit most commonly used cutter sizes.

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