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Energy efficient oil and gas pumping units offer safety and production cost advantages

Ponka Pumps has successfully completed a 12-month field test of the highly anticipated Ponka high efficiency pump jack. The unique twin cylinder nitrogen/hydraulic pump is a low profile-high efficiency pumping unit that reduces production operating costs by 50 percent or more over conventional pumps.

According to Tim Long, the company’s CEO, “Ponka expects to release a formal request for proposal (RFP) to selected distributors for the exclusive right to distribute Ponka Pumps on a regional basis worldwide. Given oil and gas price declines in the recent months and the need to reduce production-operating costs, Ponka could not have picked a better time to roll out this highly efficient and reliable technology.” A company spokesman confirmed that Ponka is now in the final stages of negotiating an exclusive distributorship agreement with a major oilfiled equipment distributor in the U.S. Mr. Hamrick stated: “We are actively seeking distributors and/or licensee’s in Asia, Russia, South America and the Middle East.” Mr. Long, the founder of Panhandle Oilfield Service Co., said the new pump unit has generated tremendous interest due to the reduction in production operating costs. “Based on the level of interest we are receiving, we are now looking at doubling our planned production capabilities in the first year. We have also started looking at manufacturing licensing arrangements in certain foreign markets.” Ponka Pumps Inc. #1169 Top-loading industrial ovens for oil and gas sites A global player in energy production has partnered with Thermal Product Solutions to provide their oil and gas drill sites with top-loading industrial ovens. The ovens are designed and manufactured under the Gruenberg brand. The custom top-loading ovens simulate the down-hole thermal conditions in oil and gas drilling operations. The ovens can be used to calibrate electronic logging instruments and for drilling equipment burn-in. They feature heavy duty dollies and can be used right at the drill site. Oven temperatures reach a maximum of 1,000 degrees F and accommodate various capacities ranging from 4.6 to 27 cubic feet. The ovens load from the top to allow heavy equipment to be loaded into the test chamber by crane. The ovens are designed with counterweighted top doors, making loading and unloading easier and faster. Marinite insulation provides an electrically nonconductive, non-magnetic construction. The marinite also contributes to the uniform temperature control inside the oven by minimizing heat transfer to the oven walls. CHIL construction ensures minimal heat transfer from the oven chamber to the exterior. Gruenberg top-loading ovens use an energy efficient, Incoloy sheathed, seamless tubular heater.