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Industrial keyboard with extended temperature touchpad

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P.O. Box 49182
Austin, TX
US, 78765


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Extreme temperatures can destroy technology if it is not built to withstand such environments. iKey’s newest product, the DU-5K-TPE keyboard, is manufactured with an extended temperature Cirque touchpad that can operate in locations with temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees C. “The typical operating temperature range for touchpad products is 0 to +60 degrees C,” Joel East, business development manager at iKey, said. “We have integrated a new extended temperature touchpad into the DU-5K-TPE because some applications demand more flexibil-ity. These keyboards are excellent for use in food and beverage processing, chemical processing, research labs and cold storage applications.” The DU-5K-TPE looks just like iKey’s DU-5K-TP2 keyboard, with the extended temperature touchpad replacing the regular touchpad. Just like the DU-5K-TP2, it features two buttons below the touchpad that serve as left- and right-click mouse buttons.