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EX-5165 carbon dioxide sensor/transmitter

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P.O. Box 979
Ann Arbor, MI
US, 48106-0979


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The EX-5165 Sensor/Transmitter features an infrared sensor which can be supplied calibrated for the detection of carbon dioxide in ranges available from 0-500 ppm to 0-100 percent by volume CO2. The NDIR sensor can continuously monitor high concentrations of CO2 and operate in an anaerobic environment. This sensor/transmitter provides an LCD of the gas concentration and has three LED alarm point indicators. It is approved for location in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D atmospheres. It features a liquid crystal display, 4-20 mA output and non-intrusive calibration. The EX-5165 is a 24 VDC loop powered transmitter that provides a 4-20 mA output which can be connected to a PLC or any one of several controllers available from ENMET Corporation.