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Calgary-based Alliance Borealis Canada specializes in health, safety and environmental (HSE) management, technical communications and emergency preparedness. The HSE consultants have worked in the Canadian oil and gas industry since the early 1980s and are the creators of the LibraSystem, an online health, safety and environmental management system. The very comprehensive and easy to use Librasystem costs less than $14 per day and includes over 200 HSE practices, policies, forms, summaries, links to regulations and much more. The LibraSystem can be delivered online, on CD, USB and on paper, including a popular pocket-book format. As industry needs and regulatory requirements change, the LibraSystem changes and grows with eight to 10 updates a year. In addition to providing the LibraSystem to more than 75 companies, the consultants from Alliance Borealis Canada work locally and internationally with industry associations and companies to develop standards and programs for contractor management, proactive health and safety indicators, incident classification, emergency preparedness and other HSE areas.

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