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Removable utility body

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821 Industrial Ave SE
Medicine Hat, AB
CA, T1A 3L7


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Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has released a new product for its Load’N’Go line, the Powerbody. Load’N’Go is the industry’s first fully removable full size utility body. The Powerbody incorporates Load’N’Go’s ease of transferability with the energy to power the tools necessary for the commercial tradesman. Power, enormous storage, and the security of steel are the foundation of this utility body. The Load’N’Go Powerbody is a steel transferable service body up fitted with a generator, compressor, and optional welder which universally fits Ford, Dodge, and GM 1 ton pickup trucks. The features include control panel in side compartment for easy access and 1,000 pound slide out parts drawer. The Powerbody also has built in forklift tunnels for easy transfer from one pickup to another.