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Comprehensive weld inspection solution

Olympus introduces a comprehensive inspection solution for circumferential welds in pipes with a diameter as small as 0.84 in. OD.

A key component of the solution is the COBRA, a new manual scanner specifically designed to inspect welds in small diameter pipes. The COBRA is used with the OmniScan MX Phased Array flaw detector with the 16:128 module and the OmniScan MXU software, to provide an economical and portable weld inspection solution.

In addition to its capability of inspecting small diameter pipes, the COBRA one-axis scanner has a very low vertical profile, which allows it to be used in areas with minimal clearance. The total height of the scanner and the probes allow easy rotation around the pipe even when adjacent obstructions such as other pipes, supports and structures are as close as 12 mm (0.5 in.). The COBRA is spring-loaded and designed to clamp onto carbon steel and stainless steel pipes of various diameters.