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Todo LPG dry-break couplings

Distributed exclusively by Novaflex, TODO-GAS couplings with new, patented Tapered Valve Seating are specifically designed for the safe transfer of LPG (typically Propane/Butane) in both liquid and vapour phases. Available in both stainless-steel 316L and brass, with either threaded (ISO/NPT) or flanged connections in one-inch, two-inch and three-inch diameters. Valves in both halves close automatically before disconnection, eliminating any product loss. Flow rates range from 200 L/min for the one-inch, up to an incredible 2,500 L/min for the three-inch. Both, component design and materials used in the construction of Todo LPG couplings are specified to recognize the unique properties of LPG and terminal handling characteristics.