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Cantec Can-Crank capacitor products

Cantec Can-Crank EDLC (electric double layer capacitors) assist all engine size starting needs. Cantec Can-Crank capacitors are a life cycle solution whereby their design, technology and power are significantly advantageous to other (current battery) technologies. They can increase the life of the vehicles batteries, starter and alternator. They can have immediate ROI benefits in reducing both hard and soft costs incurred in operations. The significant environmental benefits of the Cantec Can-Crank capacitors are that they are non-venting, non-leaking, non-gassing, with no regulatory shipping requirements.

The Cantec Can-Crank capacitors are available in three 12-volt and three 24-volt sizes, and are high power devices which are safe and fully compliant to meet the demand of today’s engine cranking, accessory laden, parasitic load, cold temperature and depleted battery vehicles in the on and off highway heavy duty industries.

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