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New digital PLB for offshore workers

The Mobilarm V100 Digital PLB is a fully automated Marine Survivor Locating Device, which transmits a man overboard (MOB) distress alert via VHF DSC and in a synthesized voice on the VHF emergency channel to all VHF radio equipped vessels and land based receivers within range, including the distressed mariner’s vessel. The pocket-sized V100 is attached to clothing or lifejackets and will automatically activate when the wearer has gone overboard, sending out the initial “Mayday, Man Overboard” alert via DSC data on channel 70. As soon as a GPS lock is obtained by the integrated 20 channel GPS receiver, typically within 45 to 60 seconds, the device transmits the distress call again, complete with position coordinates. The message is repeated at regular intervals to update the rescuers on the current position of the person in the water, which continues until the device is deactivated.

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