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Metric analysis and visualization tool pinpoints problematic areas

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7320 N. Mopac Expressway Suite 301
Austin, TX
US, 78731


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Acumen Fuse is a new metric analysis and visualization tool that analyzes schedule, cost, risk, earned value and project performance. Using libraries of metrics, Acumen Fuse provides a powerful means of pinpointing problematic areas and activities within a project and providing solutions for resolution.
This unique visualization tool takes snapshots of a project throughout time so users can see where the project is changing and what is causing these changes. One benefit of Fuse is that it allows users to perform path analysis along any point in the project. Path analysis shows what activities need to be done along any path in your project.
In addition to running a standard Fuse analysis, users can utilize the Comparison Analyzer to compare scenarios, metrics and phases against each other, which allows users to determine issues that have not been resolved from a prior month along with what activities are causing changes and exactly where the problems are.