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Oil and Gas Essentials introduced

Knovel, the web-based application designed for engineers that integrates technical information with analytical and search tools, recently announced the availability of Oil and Gas Essentials. From super-majors and oilfield services firms through integrated independents, oil and gas industry pros continually face critical business challenges, including optimal asset utilization, maintaining safety, and implementing environmentally sustainable practices. Engineers require access to relevant and reliable technical information to address these challenges with best practices and innovative solutions.

Leveraging historical data of most accessed content and 10 years of experience working with oil and gas companies, including six of the top 10 super-majors, Oil and Gas Essentials was established to enable organizations to jumpstart their use of Knovel. As a result, engineers can easily access content that many top firms in the industry frequently use to solve challenging technical problems.  

Strategically selected from the 23 total subject areas Knovel offers, Oil and Gas Essentials includes seven subject areas and a collection from AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), the standard for guidance on process safety. This includes information on avoiding ignition hazards, fire protection in processing facilities, incident investigation, and risk assessment. The complete package includes selections from the 23 subject areas Knovel offers, including a CCPS premium content collection, as well as information on various relevant engineering disciplines, construction materials, and safety, health and hygiene.  

“Oil and Gas companies – whether upstream, mid-stream, or downstream – need to optimize production and ensure safety, and the tasks required to accomplish this are heavily information intensive,” said Chris Forbes, CEO and president, Knovel. “As a result, engineers need fast and convenient access to reliable technical information to avoid costly mistakes. Knovel’s Oil and Gas Essentials offers a collection of the must-have technical references engineers need to be productive and effective.”