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Geomodelling while drilling software

LMKR offers add-on module to GeoGraphix Discover smartSECTION software

Geomodelling while drilling software

Discovery smartSTRAT, a new add-on module to GeoGraphix Discovery smartSECTION software, enables fast, easy and accurate geomodelling while drilling for more precise geosteering of horizontal wells. This latest feature, based on customer feedback and input, caters to the new ways in which geoscientists and engineers are collaborating to develop unconventional fields and drill horizontal wells.   

Discovery smartSTRAT offers powerful horizontal well-correlation and geosteering tools along with the ability to add depth-converted seismic backdrops into interpretations. According to LMKR, this additional level of quality assurance enables geoscientists to stay ahead of the drill bit, avoid faults and other geohazards, and keep the borehole in the zone and on target.  

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