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Green energy alternative for oil, gas and industrial companies

Green energy alternative for oil, gas and industrial companies

Thermoelectric generator provider Marlow Industries have released their EverGen PowerStrap technology, a green alternative for industrial, oil and gas customers. The PowerStrap, a unique configuration of thermoelectric generators bound to fluid pipes or exhaust stacks, will harness unused thermal energy to produce electrical power for sensors, transmitters and other micro-devices.

The patent-pending PowerStrap technology solves the battery maintenance and replacement pain-points currently experienced by micro-device users by offering a perpetual power source with minimal maintenance required. For customers looking to deploy sensors and other low power electronics in remote or hard-to-access locations, the previously impractical and costly barriers of extensive hardwiring, frequent battery replacement, or onsite generators are eliminated. The PowerStrap’s benefits extend beyond energy conservation savings to impact the bottom line.

The EverGen PowerStrap offers a perpetual power source for sensors, solenoid valves and wireless transmitters to measure temperature, flow rate, pressure and other processes requiring remote placement; thereby ensuring reliable process monitoring systems.

When compared with solar technology, the EverGen PowerStrap offers 24/7 power generation based on minimal temperature differential; thereby eliminating dependence on a steady stream of sunlight or warmth to harvest power. When integrated together however, solar and energy harvesting technology may offer a solution of maximum power and efficiency.

EverGen PowerStrap technology is applicable for either hot or cold pipes and is capable of generating power where a temperature difference exists between the pipe and the local surrounding ambient temperature.  The technology is well suited for steam or other industrial process piping with temperatures below 40°C to 120°C.The PowerStrap generates multiple watts in power output depending on size, temperature difference and quantity of straps deployed.  As airflow increases, power output is also amplified up to 40%. The Power Strap is available in several diameters and form factors. Marlow offers customized quotes to accommodate specific application requirements. Additional field data and technical resources are provided on the Marlow website.