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Enviro Vault’s new ThermoVault tank design increases safety, lowers operating costs, and meets the same heating requirements

Enviro Vault Canada Ltd.’s ThermoVault tank system offers a safer, more environmentally advantageous alternative to standard methods of heating and separating oil from water. The ThermoVault’s catalytic heaters use a flameless radiant heat system, safe for use in hazardous areas, making them ideally suited for light oil separation and storage.

“Enviro Vault was aware of the issues surrounding the use of firetubes and realized that there was a need for a safer, efficient alternative to them for light oil applications, so we created the ThermoVault,” says Russ Hebblethwaite, president of Enviro Vault. “Our mission from day one is to be the standard in tank design. We continue to focus on designing innovative tank technologies that lead the industry in safety, function, and reduced operating costs.”

In some cases, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) does not allow a lit tank burner for light crude oil storage and separation. There is also proposed regulation change to Canadian Standard Association Group’s (CSA), B 149 code that will affect field certification of firetubes / burner systems in many pieces of equipment, including storage tanks.

“The ThermoVault system, using a bank of catalytic heaters, has the ability to raise and maintain tank temperature, replacing a firetube/burner assembly in many applications," says Hebblethwaite. “Regardless of regulation change to B 149 the ThermoVault system complies, offering a safer alternative with proven operational cost savings.”

The ThermoVault tank design features a large (6’ vertical) contact area that drives heat directly into the oil/water interface, which results in “dry” oil. The ability to truck out dry oil saves on treating fees at the facilities.

Enviro Vault prides itself on designing and fabricating safe, durable, and dependable equipment that lasts the entire life of the tank and pays for itself many times over. By improving the safety and performance of in-tank oil/water separation, the ThermoVault decreases costs in the field.