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Power towers

Small retail and rental store finds success in the local oil and gas industry with the help from Allmand light towers

Power towers

What do driving to work, keeping your home warm and choosing plastic bags at the supermarket all have in common? While these three activities at first seem unrelated, they do share one trait: they all require oil. In fact, we probably don’t think about it, but in some way or another, oil and natural gas affect the majority of our everyday lives. Beyond the obvious tasks such as treating your car to a fresh oil change or firing up the gas grill for a backyard barbecue, oil and natural gas are also key elements in most manufactured goods.

Being that these are heavily relied upon resources, it’s no wonder the oil and natural gas industry has a strong presence around the world and in our own country. In fact, the United States is among the top oil producers in the world, as well as a top consumer. And for the employees in this industry, it is no small job to keep up with the demand.

Not exactly the typical 9-to-5 office career, workers in this industry often travel from one remote jobsite to the next, and work odd shifts throughout the day and night, seven days a week to complete their tasks. And they are often on site for the entire duration of the project, which can be up to weeks at a time. So for these workers, the jobsite doubles as a temporary second home. They need simple amenities such as living quarters, large quantities of water for drinking and bathing, and generators to provide electricity.

In Elk City, Okla., the heart of oil country, there is a small retail and rental store called Elk City RV Sales. The store’s five full-time employees are committed to keeping customers satisfied by providing the best equipment and ensuring it is dependable and reliable through quality maintenance and service work. Early on, owner James Redd recognized the town’s great presence of people in the oil and gas industry. He also realized what types of products and services these people needed to enjoy a safe and comfortable working and living atmosphere.

“We do a lot of business with people and companies in the oil industry,” said Redd. “And our products have been very well received by those customers.”

Such products include travel trailers, portable water tanks, light towers and jobsite heaters. And Elk City RV is unique in the fact that they give customers the option to purchase equipment, or simply rent it for the duration of the job. The company also provides parts and service for all equipment.

While Elk City RV has recognized the need for workers to have basic amenities on the jobsite, it has also acknowledged the importance of a safe work environment. Knowing that employees in the oil and gas industry often work around the clock, the company offers a selection of high-quality light towers to ensure employers are able to provide a well-lit atmosphere for their workers. And by including Maxi-Lite towers from Allmand Bros. in his fleet, Redd knows he is providing customers with a multi-purpose product. Not only do the Allmand towers provide exceptional light quality, they also double as generators.

“We carry the 20-kW Maxi-Lite as well as the ML 30 EX, which provides 30 kilowatts of power,” said Redd. Both units deliver enough energy for temporary work trailers, pumps or additional lighting. They are also capable of powering a variety of auxiliary equipment. The 20-kW model provides up to 100 hours of continuous operation, while the 30-kW ML 30 EX provides up to 135 hours of run time without refueling. And all this is on top of the primary function, which is delivering a brighter, whiter light to the jobsite than similar competitor’s towers.

Beyond the ability to provide an additional power source, one advantage Redd found in the Allmand light towers versus others was the quality of the light being produced. The Allmand Maxi-Lite towers come standard with Allmand’s SHO (super high output) HD lighting system. This allows the Allmand towers to provide up to 150,000 lumens per lamp, a 36-percent increase over competitive light towers.

Redd also recognizes the reliability and durability of the Allmand towers. Composed of heavy-duty galvanized steel, superior corrosion protection is provided. Other available options such as lamp storage, a hydraulic mast system, and an electric winch tower contribute to reducing potential damage to the towers and further promote longevity and reduced maintenance concerns.

“They are extremely dependable,” Redd said of the towers. “The service and repairs we’ve had to do on them have been pretty minimal, so that’s been a real plus.”

When service is required, Redd says the design of the Allmand towers is a big contributor to the ease of procedures. They are set up to be very accessible, making it fast and simple to perform routine maintenance tasks. And being that the team at Elk City RV services all the equipment themselves, Redd and his team appreciate the maintenance-friendly design.

“They are very easy to work on and repair,” he said. “We’ve been able to work on them and take care of most repairs ourselves.”

While Redd and his crew have been very fortunate that the Allmand towers have worked out so well for them, the fact that the towers ended up in Elk City RV’s fleet was not by chance. Before forming a relationship with the company, Redd did extensive research to find the best light tower company. And his search led him directly to Allmand.

“I researched companies and spoke to people who had used different brands of light towers. They all said Allmand’s were the best,” said Redd.

He then got in touch with Allmand’s energy business manager, Glen Neher, and the partnership was formed.

“I have known James for quite awhile, so I when I heard he was interested in working with Allmand, I suggested we form a relationship,” said Neher. “He agreed and, so far, it’s been great.”

Redd agrees. Not only has the product generated great revenue for his business, he has been especially impressed with the customer service Allmand has provided to his team.

“The people at Allmand have been so great to work with,” he said. “The support, the ease of getting parts and warranty, you name it. Everything has worked out well. It’s been a great experience.”

And knowing that the team at Elk City RV services all equipment themselves, Neher made sure to take the extra time to show the new customer how to properly perform maintenance on the equipment. One of the first things Neher did was send Allmand’s technical support team down to Oklahoma to put on a school for the Elk City RV crew.

“That was great,” said Redd. “The guys came here, visited with us and got us set up. They went over a lot of important details, which has ended up being very beneficial for us.”

And Neher makes sure to contact Redd a couple times a month, not only to verify the company has the inventory it needs, but to make sure any questions or problems are taken care of as quickly as possible.

While the relationship has worked out favorably for both Elk City RV and Allmand, it is Elk City RV’s customers who have benefited the most. By adding the new Allmand light towers, customers are able to fulfill both the need of having a light tower and the need of having a power source with one piece of equipment.

“These light towers provide the best quality light for the jobsite, and they also have the ability to power a couple of travel trailers or a standard mobile home,” said Neher. “They are an ideal complement to Elk City’s other product offerings and a really beneficial product for the customers in the oil and gas industry.”

Redd also recognizes the benefit of the product for his operation and for his customers.

“Before we began offering the new Allmand Maxi-Lites, we didn’t carry anything like them,” said Redd. “Sure, we offered individual generators and simple light towers. But the Maxi-Lites have given us some flexibility, which is one thing we like about them.”

And customers have certainly noticed the new products, and responded favorably towards them. When asked if he has seen a positive reaction to the Maxi-Lites from customers, Redd responded, “Definitely, yes. They have been well received by a number of customers, especially those in the oil business.”

While Elk City RV recognizes the importance of all customers, it has certainly gone the extra mile to accommodate folks in the oil and gas industry.

“The company knows the market is out there, and has become involved in virtually everything that supports the business and the workers,” said Neher. “We are happy to assist Elk City RV’s effort by providing them with high quality products and great service. And it brings us a lot of business as well, so it’s really been a great relationship.”

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