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EXCO Resources Completes Upgrade to FLOWCAL Version 8 and Implements Enterprise Liquids

Flow-Cal, Inc. has announced that long-time customer EXCO Resources has upgraded their FLOWCAL measurement software from version 7 to version 8, and added FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids to provide further efficiency in validating their company’s liquid volumes.

EXCO Resources, an exploration and processing company for natural gas and oil, first installed the FLOWCAL software in 2007, and has continued to expand their system as their organization and assets have grown. With the decision to upgrade to FLOWCAL version 8, EXCO’s operational capabilities will increase through application improvements. Toolbar updates, enhanced user security, and the ability to add descriptions and store reports for archival purposes are several features EXCO can utilize with FLOWCAL’s version 8 software.

In addition to the increased benefits from the upgrade, EXCO has also added FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids as an integrated solution with their Enterprise gas system. With Enterprise Liquids, EXCO can automate the process of batch and ticket processing while also utilizing many features such as advanced validity checks, source quality management and a directory of calculation methods to support all liquid products.

“We recognize this as a benefit to increase our operational efficiencies,” EXCO Resources Measurement Superintendent Tony Cooper said. “The greatest advantage is the capability to process and track liquid quality with a sediment and water adjustment to ensure accurate results.”

“With these updates, EXCO Resources can easily track liquid inventory, and validate the batch and hourly-level data they receive from their liquid meters,” said Duane Harris, Flow-Cal’s Vice President of Sales. “With FLOWCAL Liquids they have the ability to edit, with a full audit trail, any anomalies that are identified through the validation process and restate the updated liquid quantity and quality with integrity.” 

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