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Ebsray Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps & Bypass Valve Now Available from Blackmer for Autogas Market in Americas

Blackmer has announced the availability of Ebsray Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps and Model RV18 Bypass Valve for the North American Autogas market. These products will be available to the Americas market through Blackmer’s facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Recognized as a global leader in Autogas-handling applications – with decades of reliable performance in thousands of installations worldwide – Ebsray products are known for efficiency, reliability and performance.

Ebsray Series regenerative turbine pumps have been specifically designed and precision-built for high-pressure transfer in Autogas applications. The secret to the success of these pumps is the innovative impeller design, which optimizes hydraulic performance resulting in high differential pressures even at low flow rates, a critical consideration for Autogas applications. Ebsray pumps also feature a smooth, quiet operation and long pump life.

To further optimize Autogas-handling, Blackmer is now offering the Ebsray Model RV18 Bypass Valve, which enable pumps to offer full pump flow while maintaining controlled, preset maximum pressures. RV18 valves feature a Constant Bleed System (CBS), chatter-free quiet operation, adjustable pressure setting and Vapor Removal System (VRS).

Additionally, Ebsray Series regenerative turbine pumps were recently tested side-by-side with other brands and technologies. Ebsray’s performance resulted in enhanced efficiency by 30% or more compared to competitive offerings. In fact, this enhanced efficiency meant the pumps could operate with a smaller motor – on average one motor size smaller – when compared to similar pumps and at comparable flow rates, pressures and pumping conditions.

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1809 Century Avenue SW
Grand Rapids, MI
US, 49503-1530


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