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Upgraded High Speed Pipe Purging System

Upgraded High Speed Pipe Purging System

An upgraded Pipe Purging System has been introduced for High Speed Pipe Joint welding, by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT. Stocks of QuickPurgeIII are available for delivery world wide.

Using Intacal II combined with the integrated PurgeGate device,makes it possible to safely inflate the dams with argon gas, prior to releasing it for purging the space between the dams where the weld joint is located.

It is almost impossible now for the inflatable dams to burst as a result of undue pressure increase or accidental flow increase of the inflation and purging gas.

Continuing the constant development of products Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT has launched this new upgrade of the QuickPurgeII system.

Other notable features are:

The sleeve between the dams reduces the volume to be purged by two thirds, ensuring a really fast purge time down to 10 parts per million of oxygen.

HFT has a jointly owned Patent for this design, having originally designed it with the help with Babcock International (now Doosan Babcock) for their contract to lay a stainless steel pipeline along the south coast of England for the transport of Liquid Natural gas from the Isle of Grain.

Sleeve lengths for each size have been carefully calculated so that the QuickPurgeIII pipe purging system can be pulled around 90º Elbows for the purging of connecting joints.

QuickPurgeIII systems are available for each American Pipe Institute (API) Pipe diameter, with an expansion range to cover all internal diameters from Schedule 10 to schedule 160 and the even thicker pipe wall standards.

Return on Investment (ROI) Charts are available, to show that the payback for each size will normally be between 1 and 2 welds, giving companies the opportunity to make very significant savings on larger contracts.

Materials chosen for QuickPurgeIII are such that they are resistant to the higher weld heat present now that the dams are slightly closer to the welds and at the same time exhibiting lower outgassing rates to prevent weld contamination. For welds that are pre-heated and post-weld heat treated, HFT manufactures the special HotPurge III matching range for the higher and longer temperature exposure requirements.

In some cases, with QuickPurgeII customers have requested longer sleeves for a variety of applications because of the positioning necessary for the second dam. That very successful option is also available for the new QuickPurgeIII version.

On large contracts, HFTwill gladly send technicians for installation, to help in the instruction of welders to show how the system works and to explain the methods of use etc. prior to supervising start up.

All HFT products are covered by their normal 12 months warranty plus an instant, no quibble, replacement guarantee in the event of faults that may occur.

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