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Cummins Announces Production of PowerCommand 3300 Controller for Oil and Gas Drilling Applications

Cummins PowerCommand 3300 Controller
Cummins PowerCommand 3300 Controller

Cummins Inc., has announced the production of the PowerCommand (PCC) 3300 Controller for drilling operations, offering greater drilling power module (DPM) efficiency. The PCC 3300 monitors, meters and serves as a control system for Cummins Drilling Power Modules, designed to maximize both engine efficiency and rig uptime through automated engine load management and enhanced system integration. Built and tested to perform in the harshest oil and gas drilling applications, Cummins PCC 3300 is the perfect tool for enabling smarter, more efficient rig operation and control under a single, integrated system.

Cummins PCC 3300 communicates with Cummins DPMs and Kato or AVK alternators to form a truly integrated drilling power system. The system maximizes efficiency by allowing each engine and alternator to continuously communicate with each other, providing faster response time and greater load acceptance. The controller then uses that communication to automatically manage and distribute engine loads, activating and deactivating drilling power modules, automatically synchronizing and paralleling them and putting them on the bus as needed. Those real-time adjustments enable each drilling power module to deliver more power, faster.

Not only is efficiency optimized by the Cummins PCC 3300, but rig productivity is improved through smarter drilling power module control. Cummins PCC 3300 allows the operator to preset load profiles, which automatically adjust loads between engines, bringing additional drilling power modules online as loads increase. Shutdown points can also be programmed, allowing drilling power modules to be taken offline as loads decrease. By optimizing the operation and shutdown of multiple modules automatically through load profiles, system response times are dramatically reduced. Cummins PCC 3300 also reduces the total cost of ownership by only running drilling power modules as needed, reducing idle run time and the associated fuel, oil and maintenance costs that come with it.

Cummins PCC 3300 controller is an option on drilling power module packages designed and manufactured by the Cummins Oil and Gas Center of Excellence (COE) in Houston. All complete drilling packages from the COE are designed and validated to Cummins extensive design standards, and backed by a common, global warranty.

The Cummins PowerCommand 3300 allows the rig to have smarter control of drilling power modules on site,” said Patricio Escobar, Drilling Segment Leader. “The current capabilities of Cummins PCC 3300 greatly improve engine and rig efficiency in the short term, but its innovative design makes the system capable of even greater integration with customer operations in the future."

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