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Trinity Power Helps Turn Flare Gas Into Electricity

Trinity Power and ATCO power teamed up to deliver one of Western Canada's top oil producers a 4.96 power generation solution that also reduces flare gas.

Temporary Power Specialists at Trinity Power Rentals, Canada's leading temporary power rental provider, were recently involved with the installation of an alternative to flaring sweet natural gas at a remote Alberta location.

Providing support to their client, ATCO Power, Trinity Power was instrumental in the installation of four natural gas fired reciprocating engines capable of generating approximately 5 MW of electricity to the Alberta electricity grid.

As critical members of the project team, Trinity's Power Specialists provided design and engineering support, sourced and supplied all necessary temporary power equipment, and managed equipment-delivery logistics, installation and commissioning. Logistics were especially challenging, given the site's remote location in north-central Alberta. Even more impressive, Trinity Power was able to facilitate this project in less than 4 months.

"[Trinity Power was] really the subject matter experts that could help take us from concept through to commissioning," said Geoff Lester, Director of Distributed Generation at ATCO Power. ATCO Power is an industry leader in developing, building and operating independent power generation facilities. "The three words I'd use to describe Trinity are trustworthy, transparency and knowledgeable." 

"Site preparation work including grounding, excavating, hydrovac, ground leveling a placement of rig mats. (CNW Group/Trinity Power Rentals)".
"The site how it looked near the beginning of the project and after the Trinity Power team had completed commissioning and energization. (CNW Group/Trinity Power Rentals)".

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