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Global Petroleum Show entering 49th year

Experts from around the globe expected to attend 2017 GPS in Calgary

Global Petroleum Show entering 49th year

Now entering its 49th year, the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is pleased to invite industry experts from across the globe to experience the growing momentum of the oil and gas industry at one of the world's premier gatherings of the energy sector. GPS welcomes local and international delegates, exhibitors and industry professionals to participate in the thought leadership, innovation and solution-building that will arise from the three days of showcasing, networking and education set to take place this year from June 13-15 at Calgary's Stampede Park. 

This year, GPS will welcome attendees from all corners of the globe to bring together the latest in thought leadership and technology solutions to aid the oil and gas industry. As an opportunity to connect with the international energy community and engage in influential networking opportunities, GPS is the place for industry members to gain access to the right people at the right time at the epicentre of Canada's oil and gas sector. 

"There are many considerations being taken into account by businesses looking to conduct business in the North American energy sector given the ever-evolving nature of the industry throughout the globe," said Bruce Carew, Vice President Energy for dmg :: events, organizers of the Global Petroleum Show. "We look forward to presenting delegates from every nation with the opportunity to do business within Canadian borders as they participate in the networking, free education and industry building opportunities the show has to offer." 

As the world energy sector continues to expand and evolve, it is more important than ever for industry members to stay connected with the latest technologies and trends. This year, GPS will be expanding its free educational series which will include knowledge bars, industry-specific conferences and a seminar series. Attendees can look forward to exceptional educational sessions such as the Digital Oilfield Seminar Series, Clean Technology Seminar Series, Country Market Presentation Theatre, Low Carbon Innovation Forum and, returning for its second year, the impactful and highly respected Indigenous Conference on Energy, to name a few. The Energy Leaders Forum will also facilitate a global discussion on what energy supply and demand will look like in 2030, including insights on the global energy mix and what companies need to stay relevant in an increasingly diverse energy market. 

In constantly seeking to move the energy industry forward towards digital and cleaner energy futures, highlights of GPS 2017 will include: 

Water Innovation Zone – The newest addition to GPS will explore the innovative solutions being developed to address the urgent need for new technologies to solve the mounting water management problems facing the oil and gas industry. From applied water technology to enhanced oil recovery and deep well disposal, GPS will present forward-thinking innovations, techniques and strategies to optimize oil and gas operations and protect the environment in anticipation of the over 500 million barrels of water anticipated to be produced daily in the industry by 2020. 

Clean Technology Zone – Attendees are invited to join the conversation 19 governments and almost 30 world investors are having about the trillions invested in clean energy for the next 15 years. This seminar series brings together industry thought leaders to share insights on what the future holds for clean and renewable energy, including carbon capture and storage, energy efficiencies and more. 

Digital Oilfield Zone – From regulatory and operating apps to drone technology, the Digital Oilfield Experience offers companies a unique opportunity to showcase their products and increase their exposure in the world market as they tap into the $176 billion digital oilfield industry. Companies focused on drone technology, data collection, mobile device software and much more will help combine business process management with advanced information technology and engineering expertise to streamline and automate the execution of tasks performed by cross-functional teams. 

Pipeline, Transportation & Logistics Zone – In the current environment of volatile oil prices, organizations are being prompted to rethink their supply chain strategies. All new to GPS 2017, this highly anticipated zone will host leading businesses involved in transportation and logistics with industry-leading solutions than can make an immediate impact. 

LNG/LPG Zone – Natural Gas will play a prominent role in meeting growing energy demand and bridging the gap between coal and renewable energy in the decades to come. This rising energy demand presents a significant opportunity for western Canada to take its relatively low cost, clean burning natural gas from the North American markets and to supply it to Asian customers.

In an increasingly global economy, the Global Petroleum Show recognizes how imperative it is to work together in conducting business with foreign marketplaces, learning how to establish and cultivate relationships. It is the vision of this leading global energy congregation to provide access to a global marketplace where attendees can make meaningful connections and take advantage of educational industry sessions in an environment that lends itself to higher learning and relationship building. 

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