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BiSN completes inaugural North Sea project

BiSN completes inaugural North Sea project

BiSN has successfully completed its first project in the North Sea. The Plugging and Abandonment (P&A) work in the Valhall Field for Aker BP involved the use of BiSN's innovative metal-to-metal downhole sealing solutions.

Using modified thermite heaters, BiSN's unique technology reduces the heating time required to create metal-to-metal seals from hours to minutes. They eliminate the need for special wireline equipment, or restriction on deployment depth, as they are designed to be run on standard wireline. With a wireline go-pin top connection, the technology requires 240V and 60 mA for 15 seconds (conventional wireline set tools), to activate the thermite chemical reaction heater.

During the well abandonment phase of multiple wells in the field, standard zonal isolation resulted in surface tubing pressure issues. To resolve this, BiSN set a Wel-lok M2M TS (Tubing Seal) in the liner to isolate the producing zone.

The tool was set by activating the thermite chemical reaction heater, melting the bismuth alloy on the outside of the tool, allowing it to fill the inside of the liner. When solidified, the alloy expanded, creating a gas tight seal in the liner and isolating the non-permeable zone. After setting the tools in multiple wells, each well resulted in the elimination of surface liner pressure.

Paul Carragher, Chief Executive Officer of BiSN, said: "This project demonstrates how BiSN is able to assist operators in resolving downhole challenges, adding value to their operations whilst creating both cost and time-savings. This was achieved through the application of our innovative Wel-LOK M2M technology, which removes the need for specialist wireline equipment and any restrictions on deployment depth. Having deployed our technology across the globe, we are delighted to now implement its benefits within the North Sea.

"We now have an established relationship with Aker BP and are looking forward to working together again in the near future."

It is an exciting time for the company, particularly after its recent announcement of an investment agreement worth £5m with corporate venture capital groups BP Ventures, Schlumberger Ventures and GE Ventures.

The agreement will involve BiSN and BP Ventures working together to develop a commercial portfolio of technology, which will be applied across BP's conventional, unconventional and deepwater portfolio.

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