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Better solutions for oil field protection

Better solutions for oil field protection

Offering criminals ample opportunity to steal equipment, vandalize, and even commit acts of terrorism, oil fields have become a huge target due to their remote locations and easy access. Sitting unoccupied and unprotected at night, these sites are easy targets for thieves looking to steal valuable equipment and materials. 

To date, the industry has incurred millions of dollars in property damage and losses. Thieves looking to make a quick profit steal thousands of dollars worth of equipment and materials to sell on the black market.

With so many incidents occurring in several Canadian provinces, it is about time that this issue received a security upgrade. The most advanced security technology is readily available, allowing for options such as 24/7 audio/video monitoring, tracking alerts notifying staff of a potential incident immediately, and verification of a crime taking place. The problem is many companies haven’t invested enough time into researching the best security options available or implementing technology that could stop the problem, so sites continue to get hit by criminals again and again.

There are two emerging technology solutions available that are truly capable of diminishing theft and potential acts of terrorism. Sonavision provides what is known as a ‘verified’ video alarm, the key factor lacking in conventional CCTV security systems. Providing video monitoring around a site or equipment compound using infared cameras, Sonavision has exterior heat and motions sensors that can detect people and vehicles as they enter a protected environment. When a person or vehicle enters a site, video is immediately transmitted to monitoring staff who dispatch police or a guard to apprehend.

Active audio sensors are also placed within buildings around the site and will detect criminals, vandals, or terrorists as they attempt to gain entry. With Sonitrol Active Audio criminals are detected as they start to break in, the audio sensors trip and send live audio directly to monitoring staff who immediately contact authorities. Police then respond to the site within three minutes on average, versus a traditional 20 to 60 minutes, if at all, with unverified conventional motion sensor alarm systems.

These verified Sonavision and active audio systems not only capture the criminals in the act, but also significantly assist police by saving their time. Sonavision reduces police responses to false alarms and gives them the ability to actually charge criminals in court. Verified Sonavision and active audio provide investigating officers and crown attorneys with recorded video and audio that eliminates the need for court time, as the criminals are caught on site and a record of their activity is presented to both defense and crown eliminating the need for a lengthy court appearance.

Sonavision also allows management the ability to dial into the specialized cameras online to watch a live feed or recorded video, to ensure that employees are following proper protocol and sites in general are being monitored. Sometimes workers within the organization are the ones involved in foul play. Video surveillance makes it easier to keep track of when expensive materials and equipment were delivered on site. Companies that have employed verified security technology consistently report that there is an immediate decrease or complete stop to the attempts of theft made to their property or facility.