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Seat + Valve designed for frac and well service pumps

Seat + Valve designed for frac and well service pumps

Following months of accelerated development and research, Houston, Texas-based ST9 Gas + Oil has unveiled the new XGen Seat + Valve for frac and well service pumps. This is the first release of many high-performance products that ST9 will soon launch to challenge the system of timeworn practices and technologies. 

As a challenger brand born from the best minds of the business and looking to disrupt, ST9 subjected their XGen Seat + Valve to extensive research, design innovation, engineering and field-testing. Designed by ST9's industry experts and manufactured in-house from premium-grade, domestically sourced materials, the XGen Seat + Valve proved to outperform best-in-class competitors by 33% for life and 36% for cost, the company stated.

Advantages that help the XGen Seat + Valve win the field include: 

  • Maximum load-bearing area
  • Polymers developed specifically for hydraulic fracturing 
  • Optimized profile ratio
  • Profile designed for laminar flow and cavitation reduction
  • Hardness profile guaranteed
  • Concentric leg design for operational stability 
  • Even and consistence wear profile
  • Unrivalled quality control systems

"Proof-positive and tested to perform 33% longer than best-in-class competitors, ST9's XGen Seat + Valve is a vital component in helping oil and gas companies maximize their return-on-investment, delivering longer operational service life, increasing pumping hours, and reducing total cost of ownership," said Chris Buckley, founder and CEO of ST9 Gas + Oil. "It's ultimately more uptime at a fraction of the cost."

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