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Flange containment system diverts leaks

Flange containment system diverts leaks

Leaking flange? Don't shut down — contain it and divert it with the Xtreme Shell manufactured by Andax Industries.

The Xtreme Shell is a rigid, two-piece shell designed to fully encapsulate a leaking flange, valve, manifold or leak point. 

The Xtreme Shell diverts the leak via a drain port and discharge line to a secure containment system — thus allowing you to mitigate an emergency and allow you to perform any required maintenance at your convenience, even if it's a year later. Virtually eliminate the mess, danger of accidents, injuries, ground contamination and unsafe working condition around machines and walkways. 

  • Simple, quick install
  • Reusable
  • Short or long-term solution
  • Indoor and outdoor use—UV resistant
  • Impact-resistant to -20° F
  • Easily handles fluid temperatures up to 200° F
  • Compatible with oil, petrochemicals, paint, organic fluids and many other liquids

Have a remote location that you need to keep an eye on? No problem: add Leak Monitoring. Get text messages to track the contents of the barrel. Manage all of your Xtreme Shells online or on your smartphone.

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613 W Palmer St
Saint Marys, KS
US, 66536


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