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Trelleborg rotary seal for high pressure oil and gas applications

Trelleborg rotary seal for high pressure oil and gas applications

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces the launch of the new polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based O-Ring energized single-acting rotary seal, Turcon Roto Glyd Ring DXL. This seal is specifically designed to meet the demands of high pressure rotary applications within the oil and gas industry. 

With its innovative design, Turcon Roto Glyd Ring DXL provides improved dynamic sealing efficiency and reduced friction by balancing the contact force on the dynamic lip under all service conditions, allowing for superior extrusion resistance and low torque. The seal is available in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions XploR range of NORSOK and API approved materials. 

Eric Bucci, Segment Manager Oil & Gas Americas, says: "Trelleborg Sealing Solutions specializes in solving extreme oil and gas challenges, as evidenced by the new Turcon Roto Glyd Ring DXL.  Compared to traditional rotary seals, the Turcon Roto Glyd Ring DXL provides superior extrusion resistance and low friction characteristics in demanding high pressure drilling mud applications, extending service life and ultimately lowering overall costs for the operator. The value added benefits of the Turcon Roto Glyd Ring DXL allow our customers to provide innovative solutions and equipment to their customer base."

Turcon Roto Glyd Ring DXL is capable of handling pressures up to 70 MPa / 10,153 psi or speeds up to 5 m/s / 16.4 ft/s. Trelleborg recommends a maximum PV value up to 48 (MPa x m/s) / 1.4M (psi x ft/min) for optimal performance. These operating conditions are typically encountered in downhole tool, rotating control devices, hydraulic motors/pumps, and hydraulic swivels. Through extensive internal R & D and customer testing, Turcon Roto Glyd Ring DXL has exhibited extended life and outstanding wear resistance in abrasive media applications.

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