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Trans Mountain decision a major step to protect national interest: CBTU

Trans Mountain decision a major step to protect national interest: CBTU

The Government of Canada has stepped up for one of Canada's major industries - this is a nation building exercise of the highest order.  It parallels the recent bailout of the auto industry, the railways, the first Trans-Canada Pipeline and other such undertakings. 

"Today's actions by the Government of Canada shows true leadership, courage and vision," says Robert Blakely, Chief Canadian Officer of Canada's Building Trades Unions

The Government of Alberta has also stepped up and deserves praise as well; they have a more immediate interest but not a lesser interest. It is worthy of note that the present Alberta government has put the interest of its citizens beyond the interest of their political ideological 'partners', that stance takes great conviction and strong resolute leadership. 

"These governments have invested in Canada and they deserve praise for doing so, the pipeline system that they have stepped into ought make money in any event and there ought to be suitors to purchase the assets at a fair market price.This means the tax payer will not to be on the 'hook'," states Blakely. 

The Kinder Morgan Project transports raw bitumen to tidewater; a definite plus for an industry that has suffered from having only one customer. The ownership by Canada may open prospects for the upgrading or further processing of some or all of that bitumen in Canada. "That would be a boon to jobs for high skilled trades in Canada and create opportunities for apprenticeships and great careers in communities along the right-of-way.  It is high time that those communities got to share in the bright future that energy jobs can create. Perhaps this prospect will stir the Government of British Columbia to rethink its opposition and to try and help in creating great jobs here in Canada," continues Blakely. 

Canada's Building Trades Unions are prepared to offer the best trained, world class talent that it has in its ranks to support the success of the Trans Mountain System Expansion. "CBTU has a proven track record in building Canada's infrastructure. If given the opportunity on Trans Mountain Expansion Project, we will prove once again that Canada's Building Trades Unions are true nation builders," says Blakely. 

Canada's Building Trades Unions reiterates that the project was approved in a rigorous and lengthy process. There is a critical need for certainty in process to ensure that the world knows that Canada is open for business, including our burgeoning energy sector. "Today, the Government of Canada has clearly demonstrated that our country is open for business and the CBTU applauds this initiative," concludes Robert Blakely. 

The North America-wide Building Trades coordinates activities and provides resources to 15 affiliated trade unions in the construction, maintenance and fabrication industries. In Canada, CBTU represents 500,000 skilled trades workers.

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