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Clean tech investments target methane emissions in oil and gas sector

Clean tech investments target methane emissions in oil and gas sector

As Canada transitions to a low-carbon future, investments in clean technology will support jobs for the middle class and improve clean air by reducing pollution. 

Kim Rudd, Parliamentary Secretary to the Honourable Jim Carr, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, announced today an investment of $2.2 million for two projects aimed at tackling methane emissions in the oil and gas sector to help Canada achieve its climate change goals. 

"Investing in new, innovative technologies and practices to help tackle methane emissions demonstrates Canada's commitment to building a clean growth economy that integrates clean technologies in the oil and gas sector, creates good, middle-class jobs for Canadians and will help us achieve our climate change goals," said Rudd.

With an investment of $1.6 million, the Government of Canada is collaborating with Clearstone Engineering Ltd. to support research into technologies and practices that detect, quantify and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) and methane emissions. Canada is also contributing $600,000 to Patro Research Ltd. for research into finding the most cost-effective, high-impact methane emissions-reduction opportunities.

"Clearstone is honoured to be working on this important study aimed at exposing China to Canadian technologies for managing VOC and methane emissions in the oil and gas sector. Clearstone has been working in China's oil and gas industry for over a decade and has had the opportunity to engage with a broad range of relevant Chinese government and industry stakeholders," said David Picard, president of Clearstone Engineering. "We see significant opportunities in China and believe that this project is a great opportunity to showcase Canadian innovation and expertise. The outcomes of this project will be beneficial to both countries."  

"Through this initiative, Patro Research is developing methane mitigation options for the integrated oil and gas pathways through which natural gas is produced and delivered to end users. Our research and development activity is aimed at improving access to cleaner energy products and technologies not only in Canada but also in developing countries," said Craig Fairbridge, managing director of Patro Research Ltd. 

Both projects are being funded through Natural Resources Canada's Energy Innovation Program, which supports initiatives that accelerate clean technology development. With methane emissions posing a real environmental challenge, these investments will help Canada achieve its climate change goals and improve the environmental performance of the oil and gas sector. 

Through Canada's national energy dialogue, Generation Energy, Canadians expressed that Canada has an opportunity to be a leader in the transition to a clean growth economy. We will continue to support clean tech initiatives that create jobs for the middle class, support Canadian industry competitiveness, clean our air and act on climate change. 

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