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Compact modular control system from Festo

Compact modular control system from Festo

With its compact size and flexible configuration possibilities, Festo's new high performance CPX-E modular control system provides engineers and machine builders with a powerful yet economical option for automation systems' I/O and motion control.

Designed as an EtherCAT master controller and motion controller, the CPX-E provides a standardized platform for stepper and servo motor motion control for parts handling, assembly systems, palletizing, gluing and dispensing. The CPX-E also is ideal for controlling automation systems, like packaging machine palletizing units as well as selective soldering and water handling systems. Its scalable motion control functions include linear and multi-axis movements like slides and gantries, contour applications and robotics.

The CPX-E system consists of individual function modules that can be combined to create an application-optimized automation platform. The choice of components includes control units, bus modules, digital and analog input and output modules. Depending on the module combination, the CPX-E can be deployed strictly as a remote I/O system with bus module or as a centralized or decentralized control system using a control unit. The powerful CPX-E controllers with Codesys V3 software have comprehensive PLC programming functions. 
A CPX-E system can be easily integrated into the most popular fieldbus networks, EtherCAT, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP. OPC UA client and server functions ensure it is Industry 4.0 ready, allowing for easy integration and interoperability into cloud-based host environments.

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