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Updated pipeline compliance software improves user experience

Updated pipeline compliance software improves user experience

American Innovations (AI) has updated and further developed its PCS family of pipeline compliance software. With the launch of PCS Axis 1.14 and Survey Viewer 1.14, users will have a better overall experience that provides an offline graph and grid view of historical and current data for quick field diagnostics. 

The PCS software family is continually enhanced. AI developers proactively respond to regulatory changes, industry demands, new technologies, user suggestions and of course, the needs of technicians in the field. The launch of PCS Axis 1.14 and Survey Viewer 1.14 delivers a full suite of features and functionality previously unavailable. 

PCS Axis 1.14 can now send historical data alongside survey records, supporting Survey Viewer 1.14's new Previous Readings feature. This improved integration between PCS and Survey Viewer allows analysts to review survey data and allows Allegro™ field data PC users to compare a facility's current readings with its previous readings by using Survey Viewer. 

Survey Viewer 1.14 imports historical data and features a touch-friendly display for better usability with Windows tablets. Its offline availability means users can access surveys in the field, truck, hotel or office. 

In-Line-Inspection (ILI) data is now supported natively in PCS with a new ILI survey type added to the Indirect Survey Manager (ISM) module. This survey type allows ILI data to be imported, reviewed, and analyzed in PCS. ILI data can also be aligned with other graphable data as well. 

PCS user experience has always included the ability to see only the data desired, but with PCS Axis 1.14 users can now get to that data faster. 
  • Custom facilities can now be created in the enhanced Custom Module Manager (CMM) and added to other facility-based modules. 
  • New fields and functions respond to the increasingly complex calculation needs of compliance companies and facilitates more efficient workflows. 
  • The enhanced expression generator creates nested calculation expressions in PCS rather than having to export and work in Excel. 
  • See all facilities on a selected route with the Field Computer Send menu instead of being limited to a hierarchy selection.
  • Unique maintenance repair codes now pre-populate in the survey file when the Repair Code field exists in PCS as a picklist. This spares the Allegro field data PC user from having to manually populate the repair code field for each maintenance record. 
  • Seamless integration with AI's cloud-based solution to report on data, Bullhorn Web and AI's product for data collaboration for periodic and annuals surveys, Concentric Survey Manager. Bullhorn Web integration has improved with an updated filter that identifies mismatched units, and units that were not auto-mapped. Outputting files from Survey Manager has never been easier or more informative because survey data files can be packaged and committed to PCS Axis 1.14 in zipped format and include images associated with inspection records. 

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