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Siemens to release new pipeline compressor package during GMRC trade fair

Siemens to release new pipeline compressor package during GMRC trade fair

Siemens will highlight its midstream oil and gas solutions and services during the upcoming GMRC trade fair and conference in Kansas City, Missouri, September 30 - October 3.

During the conference, Siemens will introduce the new SGT-400 pipeline compressor package, a highly integrated, turnkey gas turbine and centrifugal compressor solution. With field-proven, efficient, and reliable components, this new package offers a single-lift, one baseplate configuration for fast deployment, DLE combustion technology for emissions compliance even at low loads, and expert, 24x7 support for responsive service. Visit Booth 520 for more details about this turbocompressor package and why pipeline operators should consider it for greenfield deployments or to expand existing capacity.

Siemens legacy RFBB and RFA compressors offer some of the highest compression efficiency in the midstream market while delivering the lowest CO2 and methane gas emissions compared to similar designs. Combined with Siemens SGT-A35 gas turbine driver, this compression train offers the highest reliability and lowest total cost operation which was selected by TransCanada for its Winchell Lake Compression Station in Alberta, Canada.

The electric motor-driven compressor package is pre-engineered for efficient installation and startup, enabling operators to significantly reduce project lead times. It's also designed and engineered to maximize component access for serviceability. Its options extend to an electrification package that includes compressors, drives, motors, skids, automation, e-shelters, sub-stations, and transformers, enabling operators to further streamline interfaces and reduce risk.

A leader in technical field support, Siemens provides complete services including field maintenance, installation, training, and repair for all of rotating and reciprocating equipment and control systems. Additionally, Siemens has the tooling required to handle the most extensive field overhauls with minimal downtime and cost to meet customers' requirements on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year. Siemens service team provides on-site expertise globally for installation and start-up, overhauls, technical advisory program, failure analysis, total factory support, and field consulting for both Siemens and competitive equipment. The company's Enginuity® solutions offer repair, consultation and natural gas engine revitalization services through the use of field-proven engineering and technological expertise. Siemens assists in navigating regulatory waters, reducing emissions, improving reliability, complete turnkey project management, engineering, construction, testing and ultimately, support for the long haul.

Siemens leads the world in industrial digitalization, supported by more than $10 billion in strategic acquisitions of industrial software and technology companies in the past 10 years. A growing number of our oil and gas customers around the world are using the data streams to improve the operating visibility of their equipment assets. They're also employing advanced data analytics to make remote and real-time condition monitoring and diagnostics of solution components possible.

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