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Oil producer selects AFTI WatchDog to support automation strategy

Oil producer selects AFTI WatchDog to support automation strategy

Crescent Point Energy Corp. has selected the AFTI WatchDog as a key service provider to support its field automation strategy. 

AFTI WatchDog is the industry leader for low-cost oil well and pipeline monitoring. Our mission, to remove the routine well-site visit, has delivered thousands of hours back to field operators and operations groups. WatchDog reduces equipment failures and potential environmental incidents while allowing operators to maximize production without additional labour costs. 

"We are very excited about working with Crescent Point as it expands its well-site automation program," said Len Johnson, CEO of AFTI WatchDog. "The information produced by WatchDog is expected to assist Crescent Point in optimizing production, reducing downtime and lowering its operating expenses. We believe that WatchDog is unique in offering these benefits at a very low cost." 

"Crescent Point is pleased to partner with AFTI WatchDog as we continue our efforts to improve our overall efficiencies," said Rob Fiorentino, Director of Operations Engineering of Crescent Point. "We have already seen the benefits of field automation in our operations and are excited about working alongside AFTI to optimize production and reduce our cost structure." 

AFTI WatchDog is a Calgary based company which, through its WatchDog platform, offers well site monitoring technology. WatchDog is used by most major producers in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. 

Crescent Point is a leading North American light oil producer, driven to enhance shareholder returns by cost-effectively developing a focused asset base in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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