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Surge protectors from Drexelbrook approved for hazardous area use

Surge protectors from Drexelbrook approved for hazardous area use

AMETEK Drexelbrook is introducing a new line of surge and transient protectors for installed and new applications to protect instrumentation, personnel and the environment from overvoltage via field cabling.

The company partnered with Eaton's MTL Instruments to distribute the surge protectors, which are intrinsically safe and flameproof approved. What's more, end users can install the devices on existing or new instrumentation to receive up to 20 kA surge current isolation. The new surge protectors are certified with FM, ATEx, IECEx, and various other global safety certifications, ensuring the security of staff, instrumentation, and the environment. 

Level transmitters, level switches, and water cut monitors often provide crucial data often as part of processes that may cause danger in case of breakdowns. Drexelbrook surge protector's screw-in mounting allows users to mount the devices inside the hazardous area without compromising the approvals. 

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