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Alberta Innovates launches the Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge

Three grand prizes of $3 million will be awarded to the winners

Alberta Innovates launches the Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge

Alberta Innovates is launching a major new clean technology initiative called the Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge, a $15-million international competition to accelerate development of carbon fibre from bitumen in Alberta.

This is part of a broader Alberta Innovates initiative called Bitumen Beyond Combustion to advance the development of non-combustion products and production technologies derived from bitumen contained in Alberta's oil sands. The oil sands are among the world's largest hydrocarbon resources with proven reserves of approximately 170 billion barrels.

The Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge is directed toward funding technologies and projects that can convert bitumen or asphaltenes into carbon fibre. The high strength and stiffness of carbon fibre make composites functionally superior to many conventional materials used in the transportation, infrastructure, construction and consumer product sectors. Asphaltenes are organic molecules found in bitumen that are commonly used in asphalt.

Applications are expected from Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. The challenge will consist of three phases which will wrap up at the end of 2024. Three grand prizes of $3 million will be awarded to the winners who will be required to produce more than 10 kg of carbon fibre per day, with a line of sight to scale production to more than 250 tonnes per day.

Eventually, this production process could result in more than 100,000 barrels of Alberta bitumen being used daily to produce carbon fibre. Asphaltene derived from Alberta bitumen will be provided to competitors through an asphaltene sample bank operated by InnoTech Alberta, an applied research subsidiary of Alberta Innovates.

The competition opens Wednesday, Jan. 15. The deadline for Phase 1 applications is April 7.