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Sanjel, Schlumberger announce cementing technology licensing agreement

Leading Canadian cementing company secures exclusive technology rights from international oilfield services company

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Sanjel Energy Services (Sanjel Energy) is pleased to announce it has entered into a technology licensing agreement with Schlumberger. This agreement provides Sanjel Energy the exclusive rights to select Schlumberger cementing technologies in Canada onshore.

"Sanjel Energy's premier solutions in primary and remedial cementing will be enhanced by the addition of these unique technologies," says Murray Bickley, President of Sanjel Energy. "This agreement presents positive benefits for both companies. It will strengthen value and improve well integrity for our clients through complementing Sanjel Energy's own innovative technologies, such as the patent pending Visweep DM IS."

Since its inception as an independent private company almost four years ago, Sanjel Energy has emerged as the Canadian market leader with a strong record of accomplishment for safety, operational excellence and delivering optimal technical solutions to its vast network of high-performing clients.

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1400, 700 - 9th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
CA, T2P 3V4


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1325 S. Dairy Ashford Dr.
Houston, TX
US, 77077


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